Thursday, January 2, 2014

Red Maryland on the Marc Steiner Show

Last Friday, I appeared on the Marc Steiner show to discuss marijuana policy.  Also on the panel were state Sens. Jamie Raskin Bobby Zirkin (Democrats from Montgomery and Baltimore counties, respectively). You can listen to a podcast of the show by clicking here. Needless to say, I was the only person in the discussion, including the host, who did not favor the full legalization of marijuana.

 As you listen, here are a couple of tidbits that I added to the discussion in addition to my December op-ed in the Baltimore Sun and my piece on this blog discussing the harms of marijuana use.

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dwb said...

Yes, the drug war has been so successful that Tavon White made more from a Baltimore City jail cell selling drugs to inmates than the Chief warden of his jail.

Republicans are missing an opportunity. They are supposed to be the party of free markets and small government.

The drug war is a failure because the legislature cannot repeal the laws of economics. Maryland cannot afford the jails, the LEO pensions, the 300 some new defense attorneys mandated by the court.

Scaling back govt requires recognizing that the current prohibitionist approach cannot succeed. The legislature may as well try to repeal the laws of gravity. So longs as there is an addict, there will be an entrepreneur there to provide supply. And if drugs are illegal, instead of suing, they will settle disputes the old fashioned way - with lead.