Thursday, September 12, 2013

Red Maryland Radio Tonight

Join Greg and I tonight as we bring you another huge episode of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8.

On tonight's show:
  • Change Maryland Chairman and Founder Larry Hogan joins us to discuss the group's recent activities and the latest reports about Maryland's tax climate and how it's detrimental to economic development;
  • We'll talk about the results of this week's Frederick City Primary, and preview next week's Annapolis primary;
  • And we'll unveil the results of the September Red Maryland Poll. You still have time to vote through 5 PM today if you have not voted already.
All that and more tonight. Be sure to tune in tonight at 8, only on the Red Maryland Network.

Also this week, Greg Kline and I will be joining the Anne Arundel County Republican Party at their booth at the Anne Arundel County Fair this Saturday night in Crownsville. We hope that you can come out to the fair and say hi!

1 comment:

dwb said...

Does red maryland have any comments on this Freedomworks poll that suggests that republicans poll socially moderate and fiscally conservative?

"Libertarian" tends to have the crazy old uncle Paul flavor to it, and frankly a lot of my friends are "embarrassed to be a republican" but there is a lot of voter discontent with NSA, Syria, guns, while at the same time most are pro-choice, and could not care less about gay marriage one way or the other. Live-and-let-live, but keep taxes and government spending low. It'd be nice to see the GOP tap into that for 2014.

Has anyone declared against Frosh? crime will go up. The number of home invasions and burglaries perpetrated by people who did less than 1 year of a 5 year+ sentence in this state is alarming. prisons here are just criminal educational facilities. That said, I do not favor locking up nonviolent offenders. see, I must fall into that 78%