Sunday, January 13, 2013

Red Maryland Live from MDCAN #TTT13, With Video!

Red Maryland Network's Live Show and Bonus Coverage of MDCAN Turning the Tides 2013 Conference. 

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Former Delegate Saqib Ali and a handful of supporters protested MDCAN outside the hotel.  We stepped outside to talk with them.

And to show no hard feelings Red Maryland presented Ali and the protestors we bought them a few pizzas.

WJLA sent a crew out to the conference.  Of course, they omitted our pizza delivery from the report that aired, even though they interviewed Andrew Langer, which you can see here.


Galen Muhammad said...

Basically, your complaint is that Channel 7 didn't publicize your organization giving the Muslims the 3 extra pizzas you had.

Is that a fair & accurate assessment?

Brian Griffiths said...

Actually it's not at all accurate. Our pizza gift was not affiliated with MDCAN (where attendees were given box lunches) and were ordered specifically for you guys.

Galen Muhammad said...

Brian, thanks for the information. Our thanks that we gave on Saturday stands as sincere.

As I've stated before, there was footage of comments that I made that ended up on the editing floor just like the footage of you all bringing us pizzas. You do understand that they shot nearly an hour of footage and only that footage that we saw was all of the time allotted for that segment, right?

That giving of the pizzas not the story nor did we take issue with your organization and its conference. Forgive me if I have the entities confused.

Our protest (which we made crystal clear) was against engaging & enabling an infamously known Islamaphobic bigot. It's bad enough that she already has a nationwide platform from which to spew her bigotry (claiming to "hate Islam, but love Muslims" -- literal hogwash), but to invite her into our own backyard? We could not be silent. We had a moral obligation to voice our concern that elected officials in our state would cosign her bigotry....regardless of their party affiliation!

It was unethical for them to appear on the same stage where such a bigot was to or had just spoken at the same event, regardless of their topic.