Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Seeing Red is live tonight at 8:00pm!

Please join John & Andi Morong on Seeing Red tonight at 8:00pm. 

This is a can't miss episode, especially if you like playing games! Watch us live at


Bob Amato said...

I was profoundly disappointed in your "program". Repeating the sme lines over and over would have caused you to be cut off on the Monday and Tuesday night shows. Also, I didn't appreciate the profanity. Not for myself, but for those with lower thresholds of tolerance. This is the first and last show for me. I suggest that you and Andrew Langer have an on-air debate, using a neutral moderator. Now that would be interesting.

Jaclyn Gregory said...

Does anyone listen to this show? The words that came to mind as I was listening were petty, immature, and intellectually challenged. Hopefully, the hosts are not the standard bearers for the GOP. The idea of those folks as the face of the Republican party is enough to make anyone want to unaffiliate.