Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome June Smith

We couldn't let June Smith get away with merely a guest post, so we are delighted to inform our readers that she has accepted our invitation to be a full Red Maryland Contributor.  

June or "Mrs. Reason" is the widow of the late great Ron Smith "The Voice of Reason" for so many years on WBAL Radio.  June is keeping Ron's legacy alive and well at and helping the fight against pancreatic cancer.  June and Team Reason have several fundraisers coming up to help benefit The Johns Hopkins Pancreatic Cancer Research Center.   If you can't make one of the events you donate directly to the Ron Smith Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. 

Welcome June we are honored to have you with us.


June Ray Smith said...

I am honored to be a Red Maryland Contributor. I am not The Voice of Reason but I know that the truth must be told and I can think of no better place to tell it. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. Stay Red, my friends. -June

Greg Kline said...

We are honored to have you join us. I look forward to reading your future offerings.