Friday, April 13, 2012

$5.6 Billion Reasons Why One Maryland is a Failure

Here’s something for our esteemed governor and state legislators to keep in mind as they consider a special session for the purposes increasing taxes: Maryland ranks 43rd in income lost due to interstate migration.

According to tax return data compiled by the Tax Foundation, Maryland has lost $5.6 billion in income over the period 1999-2011 due to migration to other states.

The Tax Foundation’s state migration calculator tells the tale. Here is a screen shot of Maryland’s out migration data.

Just more proof of the Californication of Maryland.

Governor O’Malley may believe the utopian claptrap of “One Maryland” but the sad reality is that it’s not just millionaires disappearing from Maryland the middle class is as well.

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Chester Peake said...

We'll have One Maryland when there is just One Person left in Maryland, soon at this rate.