Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wade Kach Gets His Thirty Pieces of Silver

....or at least a six figure job.

Tomorrow morning the Maryland House of Delegates will vote on a bill to legalize gay marriage in Maryland. For the record, I'm firmly with Greg Kline on this issue. Our nation and our state will survive bankruptcy, we will not survive the destruction of the culture that built them. Gay marriage along with abortion and a looming battle over euthanasia are elements of that cultural apocalypse.

This post isn't about culture. It is about sell outs. It is about men who will sell out their own values and their constituents for a nice, safe, well-paid job. One of those men is Delegate Wade Kach from District 5B.

For those who haven't followed this issue, Delegate Kach has, in the past, been a solid vote in defense of marriage as it has been understood in virtually all cultures in recorded history. That places him squarely in line with his fairly conservative district.

Now he has announced that he will vote in favor of this monstrosity championed by Martin O'Malley. When the Baltimore Sun notes

Kach's decision is stunning since he voted against the same-sex marriage bill in committee on Tuesday night and is a co-sponsor of a different measure that would define marriage as between a man and a woman.

One must take the time to ask why? What could have wrought this miraculous change in Mr. Kach's vote.

The answer is as simple as it is banal. He was bought. And he was bought with your money.

Kach had floated the idea that he might run for State Senate but has backed away from that and we hear from sources in the Baltimore County Central Committee that Kach has decided to not run for reelection to the House of Delegates. He did, however, meet with Governor O'Malley and during the course of that meeting we're reliably informed that Kach was offered a six-figure job in return for changing his vote.

All the pieces fit. Means. Motive. Opportunity.

We don't know what the job is but if the Governor has any sense of irony he'll put Kach to work teaching situational ethics to Maryland public school bureaucrats.


FightinBluHen51 said...

Pretty sure Greece has things that concern it more than that of sexual orientation at the moment. When the dollar is worthless and we have to drag wheelbarrows of bills to pay for bread to the supermarket, I could care less what two individuals are doing within the confines of their home.

As someone of the "right," to me the bitter fights at a federal level (and even state) need to be over our fiscal house, not Bob and Bob's house.

What happened to "leave me the hell alone" government, inclusive of the institution of heterosexual marriage?

streiff said...

This is a prime example of lack of reading comprehension and knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.

1. The post isn't about gay marriage.

2. Many nations have survived hyperinflation... which btw isn't possible in the US... and done quite well. Brazil, Argentina, and Chile among them. No one has survived cultural collapse.

The "leave me the hell alone" government is a juvenile invention now most energetically marketed by Ayn Rand acolytes and other Paultards. At no point in our history has that been a governing philosophy of any number of people. That is why we have laws.

Laura said...

Anyone who is surprised by politicians being swayed by money is foolish. They're all swayed by money. That's how they get constant support. They flip sides when it suits them - when someone from the opposition pays them enough. Welcome to reality.

That said, I don't see why marriage should be called a "monstrosity."

streiff said...

I didn't call marriage a monstrosity. I called making sodomy a sacrament a monstrosity.

Laura said...

You realize every single couple in the world sodomizes each other, right? If your wife pleasures you with her mouth, you're committing sodomy. Have fun with your (in your words) "monstrous" relationship!

And no, this is NOT making anything a sacrament. Anyone who believes THAT is a closeminded fool.

In closing - the government needs to get the hell out of the marriage business. Making it legal for gay couples to marry IS NOT forcing religious institutions to marry them. It is, however, allowing gay people to enjoy the same legal rights as hetero couples. Preventing that tells every single gay person that they're not actually a person. Even your god considers all people his children - what right do you have to tell other people they're wrong?

streiff said...

actually that isn't true. Research conducted by the National Survey of Family Growth actually indicates that a distinct minority of couples engage in sodomy. But thanks for sharing your sex life with us. I hope I can get the image of all that heaving cellulite out of my mind.

FightinBluHen51 said...

Part 1:

So...let me get this straight...The big government you argue against, is the same big government you'd propose that we use to legislate a small subset of people? Republic vs full on democracy.

I'm pretty sure that only God shall judge both the living and the dead, and Jesus has taught us to love all fellow humans equally, and that to love him, is to love God. With that love, all sin will be forgiven. Unless I got that part of scripture incorrect.

And while I get that the post is about a defector, or someone trading their personal gain for a vote, I am tired of reading about the gay marriage issue when we have taxes to high hell, more proposed taxes to high hell, and a lack of a fundamental right to self defense in this state. Couple that with a spend and pretend Governor and legislature that would sell our future earnings down the river for a few more votes in the next election, I haven't the energy for these type of social issues. This post was just the latest in a string of similarly situated posts on the topic from a number of different sources. Didn't know that my "reading comprehension" had to stay completely on topic.

FightinBluHen51 said...

Part 2:

Brazil has a robust and dynamic economy because it produces energy and other natural resources. However, have you seen pictures of their slums and drug wars lately? It resembles Mexico in places that aren't tapped into the energy market.

Chile I will defer on, as I am not very well versed on that country (I can concede at times).

Argentina is a mismanaged country that has never recovered from it's 1950s socialism experiment (mind you it WAS a top 5 wealth per capita country prior to WWII due to it's cattle and agriculture economy). Only for a time while it pegged it's peso to the dollar in the 90s did it have some semi-balance of "recovery." Last I checked, their government debt was offering about 30% interest, provided they don't default (which they've done numerous times in the past 30 years). Inflation there, while not currently "hyper" borders on "ridiculous" at 25%, plus.

As far as Ayn Rand (never read her) and Ron Paul (never supported him), go, it's nice to see you automatically assume that I am a devout nut job follower of these people. Nope, just a realist that sees things for what they are truly are.

You, streiff, talk about my lack of reading comprehension and knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. Well, the right (me inclusive) and the Republican party, always claim to be the big tent, we love everyone party, yet we single out and abhor people who are different. We exclude them from CPAC, we slander them as immoral and disgusting, and we refuse to acknowledge the open hypocrisy in using the big government we say we despise, against FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.

You were right, Streiff, I do know the price of everything and the value of nothing. The price is simply freedom. The value of which is that which we don't protect (our Republic) we ALL lose together. Take your pick of a Stalinist style, iron fist gulag system that would eradicate homosexuals and freedom lovers alike, or whether through a loss of economic freedom, would rob the people of their personal security through mobs and crime as seen in Argentina in 2001 or Greece today.

Take your pick. You are correct, the price of freedom, is enormous. Enormous enough to throw a subset of humans under the bus, because we don't think that what they think is "right."

Laura said...

I don't know where you got your facts from, but you're wrong! According to this document, 82% of females and 83% of males between the ages of 15 and 44 engage in oral sex.

According to Maryland law:
"It is immaterial whether consent was given when one person places one's sexual organs in the mouth of another, as this act is a violation of the criminal law of Maryland.
[Gooch v. State, 34 Md. App. 331, 367 A.2d 90 (1976), cert. denied, 280 Md. 735(1977)];
[Neville v. State, 290 Md. 364, 430 A..2d 570 (1981)]"

So. Since you're not actually willing to address anything from the logical part of my argument, I'm guessing you realize you're wrong but are not willing to admit it. The fact that you're attempting to resort to insult to shut me up cements it.

streiff said...

I'm not going to argue theology with you as your are clearly ignorant of it. God... who is also Jesus as we Trinitarian Christians believe... sanctioned death for homosexuality. Absolutely nothing in the Gospel says what you say. Jesus not only drove the moneychangers from the Temple. What did he tell the Canaanite woman who came to him for help (Matthew 15 will aid your there).

So don't toss your own particular verision of Christianity or whatever it is around. You embarrass everyone who reads it.

The fact that you don't have the interest in fighting for what this country will become says more about you than about social conservatives or even Martin O'Malley. O'Malley can only raise taxes or cut spending. Big deal.

As to your second diatribe. You are right, the stakes are tremendous. The stakes have nothing to do with spending, taxes, interest rates, housing, inflation, or deflation. The stakes deal with the kind of country we live in and the kind we will bequeath our children. The fact that you don't care about any of that is both sad and predictable.

streiff said...

Laura, when you get around to making a statement that doesn't involve spittle flecking my monitor I might pay attention to you.

My God spells his name with a capital G, keep that in mind.

Laura said...

Spittle? You're calling fact spittle? I don't consider the bible fact - it's a great fantasy novel, if a bit long in the tooth for general entertainment. I do consider law and recent documentation to be considered fact, however. Your claim that sodomy is down is patently false. Your refusal to admit that I have provided fact is hilarious.

Have fun living in a bubble of fantasy, though. I'm sure it's nice in there.

streiff said...

Have fun down at men's room at the Bawlmer Grayhound station indulging in your rights.

FightinBluHen51 said...

So, are allowed to toss out "your particular version of Christianity," yet I cannot simplify it down to one of the most basic teachings? Some how I embarrass every Christian in the world? LOL

Talking in platitudes is not only ludicrous, it shows you have absolutely no understanding of the philosophical founding with which our country is based. An inherent right that all people are created equal. Created, not developed, and certainly not developed or created in sexual orientation. Last I checked, all privileges and immunities in the Constitution are afford to all of those who are natural born or naturalized.

Certainly this is a very deeply religious issue to most, but it is disgusting that when someone argues upon those simplest religious values of love and hope, he is ridiculed for his metaphysical beliefs.

You want to take back this country for what is right and good, yet the born again Christians in this country fail to realize that they do offend someone like myself who is a moderate church goer, a deeply spiritual person, and one who believes in doing right by every single human being with which I encounter. Some how, because of someone's sexual orientation, they are "sub human." Some how in freedom, we allow a big government to tell us what is right with regards to the decision of a uniquely individual issue.

And YES, I am very much HETROsexual and I do DEEPLY care about where this country is headed and what kind of country I leave behind for my children. But, because I don't feel that this is the greatest threat to the existence and perpetuation of our country, then I am just as bad as the enemy? Wow. Simply wow.

Tacticians of the fight for freedom and the eradication of tyranny you certainly are not. Battles along the course of war do in fact influence the outcome. Case in point, Article I, Section II, Paragraph 3: "three fifths of all other Persons." The three fifths compromise was just that, an issue to be tabled for another day so as to allow a fledgling nation to come together and fight off the problems associated with that of 13 sovereign states.

And yes, it is this simple, when, legally, you don't need God or Jesus, a Priest or a Rabbi, or a church or a synagogue to "marry" a heterosexual couple, since it is established in law. With the establishment in law (and not common law) you have automatically allowed the scope of government to dictate to all individuals what they are able to and unable to do.

Don't think of this as sanctity of marriage (as that is just the vehicle) but think of it as regulation upon free people. The right fails to see that, and they will continue to hoop and holler about how this is horrible, when in reality, the simple solution would be to do away with all "marriage" licenses and resort to only "contractual" arraignments for power of attorney, estate rights, ect. Hell, us hetero married people MIGHT even benefit as there should be no more marriage tax penalty!

Sorry, but again, corruption, financial pilferage and wanton waste, is a far, FAR bigger threat to our society, our Constitution, and our way of life, than a few people's sexual orientation. Bread and Circuses brought the Roman empire to an end, addressing the loose morals of people whom treat each other as means to an end and not ends in themselves also aided in that.

THESE are the things that I care about the most for my children when they are starving and huddled because of the inabilities to provide for themselves and their families, and God forbid that it ever gets to that in this country.

streiff said...

your comment is just craziness on stilts.

At the founding every single state had Blue Laws and most fined you for not going to church. All states had capital punishment for Laura's favorite activity: sodomy. Women couldn't vote and in most cases a non-widow couldn't own property. And there was the whole slavery thing.

Fine, you're a moron. I get that. You don't know about our history or culture. I get that to. What I don't get is why I'm not spamming your comments.