Thursday, January 19, 2012

Would You Like More Kerosene With Your Straw Men Governor?

Governor O'Malley released the ahem "details" of his $35.9 billion FY 2013 budget yesterday.

During the Q&A session, WBAL Radio's Robert Lang asked O'Malley about the discrepancy between the data that shows his budgets have increased 16% and his claim to have cut the budget. A question no reporter had bothered to ask him since he started making the claim.

Instead of answering the question O'Malley proceeded to do what he does best--burn straw men.

Classic Martin O'Malley.

It is interesting to note that O'Malley never referenced the $35.9 blllion figure in his presentation. Reporters had to wait until they received the budget book to learn that number.
The total budget increased by $1.7 billion over FY 2012.

With this budget, O'Malley has increased spending by $6.5 billion in real dollars or 22% since he first took office in 2007.

Also, O'Malley's budget presentation claims to have cut general fund spending by $56 million. However, buried in the data (bottom of pg. 97) from his own Department of Budget and Management shows a general fund spending increase of nearly $950,000, an increase of 6.4% over FY 2012.

Funny how the more O'Malley spends, the more he claims to have cut.

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John J. Walters said...

As always, great commentary, Mark.

I'm doing my best to spread the word today. I've included this post in our Twitter/Facebook posting schedule.