Saturday, January 7, 2012

BREAKING: Maryland Democrats Break Own Bylaws with Cardin Endorsement

The Maryland Democratic Party has violated their own bylaws when it comes to their endorsement of Senator Ben Cardin in the Primary. I reported on Thursday about how the Maryland Democratic Party has endorsed Cardin via Twitter over the challenge on State Senator Anthony Muse.

I received a tip from an anonymous source regarding the Maryland Democratic Party Bylaws, which are available online. Take a look at Article IX, Section 4 on Page 7.

Neutrality in Primary Campaigns - In Democratic Primary campaigns, the staff and headquarters of the Maryland Democratic Party may not be used to the advantage of one candidate over another, except insofar as services and information are equally available to all Democratic candidates.
By using the Maryland Democratic Party Twitter account, operated by a Maryland Democratic Party staffer, the Maryland Democrats through their endorsement of Cardin have violated their own neutrality clause in their own bylaws.

So not only has the Maryland Democratic establishment endorsed the white guy, they've also violated their own bylaws to do so.

Things just keep getting more and more interesting, don't they?


Jerry Shandrowsky said...

Not sure what the GOP bylaws say, but Bob Ehrlich has notoriously butted his head in many primary election fights. Most recently, I am curious about his endorsement of Romney. After all, when it came to endorsing Andy Harris over Wayne Gilchrist, him and Kendall spoke about the need to purge the Republican Party of anyone isn't a hard core conservative. Then again, just like former governor, Romney changes his stances depending on the crowd he speaks in front of.

hlolsen said...

Jerry, the MDGOP bylaws are silent on this subject, though some of us are trying to change that to make it much harder for the party institutionally to take sides in a primary. Bob Ehrlich is a private citizen, with no official role in the party, so at this point who he chooses to endorse is a private matter, of interest only to those who are interested in his opinion.
Brian, good job tracking this down-- I wondered about this in 2010 when the DNC appeared to be taking sides in the LD21 primary.