Sunday, April 24, 2011

Go Time

We have talked at significant length about the bill providing instate tuition for Illegal Aliens. Now is the time that we can actually do something about it. You've probably already heard about the effort being spearheaded by Del. Neil Parrott to petition this bill to referendum. Now, the resources to get this piece of legislation on next years ballot are in your hands.

Visit to learn more about the process and how you can help let the people decide.

Folks on our side of the aisle want to know how they can help defeat some of the crazier legislation that comes out of Annapolis. Well folks, it's go time....


D. C. Russell said...

I may be beating a dead horse or sound like a broken record, but I'll remind readers again that the primary sponsor of the senate version of this bill, Victor Ramirez, was reelected without Republican opposition.

Ramirez made it clear long before the last election that he would push for this legislation. Nevertheless, GOP and other folks who oppose this kind of taxpayer reward for lawbreaking, did not bother to run a candidate against Ramirez and did nothing to campaign against his far-left legislative plans.

Elections have consequences! By failing to run candidates in most Prince George's County state and local races, the GOP effectively, whether intended or not, endorsed the extreme position of candidates like Ramirez and also ensured a small enough Republican turnout that the GOP does not even have a seat at the redistricting table in Prince George's.

John J. Walters said...

Good points, Russell. Getting angry about this now is almost hypocritical, and certainly not going to be very productive.

For my part, I can't say that this piece of legislation makes me very angry. It will be a fairly small piece of the budget pie anyway, and serves to underscore the need to reevaluate our bizarre and counterproductive immigration policies (and other entitlements, for that matter).