Thursday, January 20, 2011

No To Brinkley As Minority Leader

Tomorrow the Republican senate caucus meets to choose a minority leader. The presumed front runner is the former minority leader, Senator David Brinkley. The GOP should not return Senator Brinkley to that position.

Our opposition to Brinkley is based on three salient facts. Senator Brinkley is morally compromise. Senator Brinkley is politically compromised. Senator Brinkley has done diddly squat to increase the number of Republican senators in Annapolis.

I know there are a lot of libertarians out there who don't get excited over the private lives of politicians unless they are conservatives. All during the 1992 campaign, Clinton's surrogates were everywhere mouthing the mantra "private morality isn't public morality." Except that it is. If a man will cheat on his wife and family, people whom he has given his sacred word to honor and cherish, what chance do you, the taxpayer, have? None. Clinton proved that morality is a binary issue. More importantly, a morally compromised politician loses the ability to speak to moral issues, issues that are every bit as important to the world our children will inherit as any fiscal issue. Brinkley's alleged cavorting with an employee is not only an affront to his marriage but demonstrates a disregard for his responsibility to run an efficient and effective office.

Senator Brinkley's voting record marks him as a squish on virtually any issue vaguely related to conservatism. He voted for the job killing (can we still say "killing") Greenhouse Reduction Act and he led the Vichy Republicans in their vote for O'Malley's budget. None of this should persuade a party which professes to believe in smaller government and fiscal prudence (not to mention mere financial solvency) to make Senator Brinkley their leader.

In the rest of the country, 2010 was a wave election which saw Nancy Pelosi replaced as Speaker of the House, Harry Reid clinging to a very slim majority in the Senate, and the GOP controlling the governorships and state legislatures in 26 state. In Maryland we didn't notice that because we were too busy having our butt handed to us.

Part of the reason for that is the absolute disarray of the Maryland GOP. Part is because of the actions of Senators like Brinkley who did very little to increase the number of Republican senators. A quick look at contributions by Friends of David Brinkley shows that he contributed a total of $4,000 to candidates for the Maryland Senate. $1,000 went to Chris Shank --- on the day before the election. Another $1000 with to Bryan Simonaire (won by +24%) and $2000 went to Joe Getty (won by +45). So in competitive races Brinkey contribute a big fat goose egg. Chris Shank might as well have received a goose egg. And Brinkley finished the election cycle with $40,000. (Not to single out Brinkley but his ally, E.J. Pipkin, gave zero to Maryland Senate candidates and finished up with $44K in the bank.) What did Simonaire and Getty do, or have yet to do, to qualify for this rather unprecedented largess?

So why are Maryland Senate Republicans even considering electing Brinkley as their leader? Why not just elect Mike Miller and be done with it?


John J. Walters said...

"If a man will cheat on his wife and family, people whom he has given his sacred word to honor and cherish, what chance do you, the taxpayer, have? None."

I totally agree.

Why is it so hard for politicians to keep it in their pants? And why do they deem it so necessary to get married? I'd rather vote for someone who never married but goes on lots of dates than got married and cheated on his wife.

Captain said...


Are you kidding me? Look I don't care if she really did grab his hand and MAKE him slap her, anyone who picks that poorly has serious judgment issues, not to mention that the sun will drudge that up in exquisite detail.

What's wrong Nancy Jacobs? At least she stands up to Busch and Miller every now and again and she actually has a conservative record.

I think the bigger question is, will Alan do the right thing by his party and resign midterm when he decides to move up the ladder.

Why you ask? Well I'll tell you, we lost a seat because of that Bumbkin Stolfswaht from over in eastern hicksville.

If Alan plays it like Lowell so as to not raise the ire of our comrade commies across the aisle, well, if he does intend to run for County Exec just see what happens.