Friday, January 21, 2011

Congratulations to Senator Jacobs

Congratulations to Senator Nancy Jacobs on her election to the position of Senate Minority Leader. We thankful that the Maryland GOP dodged the bullet and avoided what would have been the disastrous election of David Brinkley are hopeful that she will lead the GOP caucus in principled opposition to the policies of Martin O'Malley and the Maryland Democrat Party. We also hope she will lead the caucus in making hard votes and will steer away from the policy of acting as nothing more than an adjunct to the Democrat majority.

Mike Miller is apparently miffed at his protege's unexpected loss and the Maryland Democrat Party released a statement which Senator Jacobs should have bronzed and hung in her office:

"Maryland Republicans Take Another Hard Right Turn: Maryland’s Senate Republicans today affirmed that they are out of touch and out of new ideas by choosing Nancy Jacobs to lead their dwindling State Senate caucus. ... Rather than come together to help move Maryland forward, the elections of Jacobs and E.J. Pipkin personify the Republican establishment’s unwillingness to build consensus in Annapolis. Nancy Jacobs is wedded to positions that are far-right, divisive and out of the mainstream."


Chester Peake said...

Amen that she should have that framed and hung in her office! We need leadership that will take on the other side, not meekly submit to it. I have great hopes that she will do just that, yet be able to work with them when & if they want to get serious about really, really "Moving Maryland Forward" (In the right direction, that is!) Not over a cliff like we have been going!

Captain said...

I am thrilled that those in power have elected a conservative to this position.

Tina said...

We are very excited about Senator E.J. Pipkin being elected as Whip. He is a true fiscal conservative that understands the budget and how to move Maryland forward. He is a voice of the people and the Maryland republicans are lucky to have him.

Greg Kline said...

How absurd it is that Mike Miller talks about bipartisan concensus. How can anyone take this guy seriously?