Thursday, December 9, 2010

If You Want Corruption...

...You got it


Dave said...

Yea, great, they're slime balls. We know that. They've proven that by their actions. Good video.

Still, we win on the merits. Talk facts and figures, that's our strength. People can understand that, and even though emotion based appeals do attract some people, facts attract more. We have to concentrate on that, and put our reality based and historically proven principles out in the store window for everyone to see. Aggressively. Highlighting their foibles is shooting fish in a barrel. We need to move beyond that and demonstrate why we are right, why our principles are right. As I said, aggressively.

ocdgirl2000 said...

you should see the corruption going on right now inside of montgomery county gov. within it's county council, it's exec, "the board" they hired to "evaluate" the employee's compensation (note..NOT the management's compensation, of course..)and the UNION's FAKE meddling trying to get the employee's all riled up, attempting to "blame the right wing media, The Washington Post"..AHEM!!lmao!!

D. C. Russell said...

I know this is not likely to be a popular comment here, but ...

It seems easy to come to the conclusion that the Maryland and Prince George's County Republican Parties are happy with this level of corruption.

Jack Johnson was reelected in 2006 without Republican opposition.

Johnson's successor was elected this year without Republican opposition.

Leslie Johnson was elected this year without Republican opposition.

Only one of the nine council positions had a Republican candidate and she received NO party support--the county GOP site couldn't even spell her name right.

The kind of corruption being investigated in the Johnson case, and Jack's ties to corrupt developers, have been reported frequently in the Post and the Gazette for years.

Even though the Democratic corruption has been well known, Maryland and Prince George's Republicans have failed to speak out against it and failed to offer the voters any alternative.

I've come to the conclusion that my part of Prince George's County is not part of the GOP's Maryland.