Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pot, Kettle, Vinny DeMarco

So Vinny DeMarco is calling Andy Harris' query on when his congressional health care plan kicks in, "blatant hypocrisy."

In case you forgot, DeMarco, the media's "hail fellow well met" crusader against big tobacco, is in fact, a tool of Phillip Morris.

According to Slate the public health benefits are dubious at cements Phillip Morris’s market dominance.

"It is a dream come true for Philip Morris," Michael Siegel, a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health, told me. "First, they make it look like they are a reformed company which really cares about reducing the toll of cigarettes and protecting the public's health; and second, they protect their domination of the market and make it impossible for potentially competitive products to enter the market." Other tobacco companies have taken to calling the bill the "Marlboro Monopoly Act of 2009."

It's hard to fathom where Congress is finding the political cover necessary to pass an industry-sponsored love letter like this one. But it's coming from Philip Morris' partner in crafting the legislation: a nonprofit anti-smoking organization called Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

DeMarco’s Faith United Against Tobacco is a creature of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Campaign for Tobacco-Free kids was a
direct but secret ally of Altria in the push to pass the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. This was part of Phillip Morris’ Project Sunrise designed to divide and conquer the anti-tobacco movement in the late 1990s.

Media reports laud Vinny DeMarco, famed foe of evil big tobacco, for his principled stand and organizational genius. Yet DeMarco was right there in the middle of all of it a willing participant in Project Sunrise, helping Phillip Morris sell more cigarettes.Keep up the good fight Vinny, you've shamed Phillip Morris--all the way to the bank and market dominance.

Lobbyist, heal thyself


Paul said...

So the only response to Harris's major faux pas regarding his Congressional health plan start date is to point a finger at DeMarco and say that he ALSO is a hypocrite?

I'm not sure what Harris's motivation was to raise the stink that he did, but he deservedly should be chastised for it. And I'll bet the benefits under his new plan are substantially better than his former plan at Hopkins.

I voted for Harris because I know he is a straight up guy and believes in alot of the same things that I do, but he had a major brain f#rt yesterday and should be held accountable by liberals and conservatives alike.

Mark Newgent said...

Paul, not saying Harris shouldn't be held accountable, but DeMarco is the LAST person the media should be going to on this.

John J. Walters said...

At the risk of sounding "behind the times" I must ask for some clarification here: basically this guy complained about not being covered under the health insurance plan from the first day he started and he is getting accused of hypocrisy because he doesn't support nationalized healthcare?

Hasn't he ever heard of COBRA insurance, first of all? And second: how is wanting better treatment from one's employer synonymous with wanting "free" healthcare for all?