Wednesday, October 27, 2010

O'Malley Did NOT Pass Jessica's Law

Martin O’Malley YOU are a disgrace.

YOUR latest ad taking credit for passing Jessica’s Law is complete and utter bull$sh!t.

In 2007, when a group of activists composed mostly of people YOU Governor O’Malley labeled “the aberrant strain” were fighting YOUR party in the legislature to pass Jessica’s Law, YOU did nothing. YOU merely signed the bill when it crossed YOUR desk.

Where were YOU Governor O’Malley when House Judiciary Chair Joe Vallario rudely treated those who testified for the bill? Where YOU Governor O’Malley when Senate Judicial Proceedings chair Brian Frosh made supporters, including advocate Marc Klaas who traveled from California, wait five hours to testify then leave the room?

Where were YOU Governor?

Governor where were YOU when Frosh and Vallario were conspiring to kill the Jessica’s Law enhancement this past legislative session?

Only after a groundswell of public outrage against Frosh and Vallario did YOU issue perfunctory letter expressing support for the Jessica’s Law enhancement

YOU, Governor O’Malley did absolutely nothing to help pass the enhancement.

Also, Governor O’Malley how can YOU feature Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown in the ad when it was Brown, as majority whip of YOUR party, sided with trial lawyers by twisting arms on the floor of the house to get enough votes for a procedural execution of Jessica’s Law in 2006?

Governor O’Malley, I sincerely believe YOU to be an honorable man, and reasonable people can have fundamental philosophical differences without questioning their integrity.

However Governor, YOUR claim to have “passed Jessica’s Law” now leads me to question YOUR integrity.
Your ad is slap in the face to the grassroots advocates, who with No help from YOU, fought tooth and nail for Jessica’s Law against a recalcitrant majority of YOUR party to pass Jessica’s Law.


Chester Peake said...

Amen, Mark.

I saw that ad and was contemplating calling him out on it, thanks for doing so. The first version of Jessica's Law was signed by Gov. Ehrlich (though it was emasculated by the Dems). The enhanced version was passed in spite of MOM and his minions, and he signed it under duress.

Coastersgr8stang said...

OWe Malley is an utter failure and a piece of SH** Stain always trying to take credit, but heavan forbid he does something wrong, than that will be someone elses fault, right? The head swelled OWE Malley lives in one world, a world full of lies and deceit and distortions. The Evil Leprechaun is an abomonation and disgrace to the voters of Maryland. I remember writing in every single day to Frosh and Vallario holding them accountable for their vile behavior towards Joan Harris and the advocates speaking on behalf of our murdered children at the hands of these predators. OWE Malley and Faux Paux Lt. Governor Brown stood by and pushed Vallario and Frosh to get the bill shelved, a bill that makes sense, but when has this POS Governor ever done anything that makes sense unless it benefits hims most, just ask his New Americans, right?