Friday, October 22, 2010

Democratic Governor's Association: Sales Tax Hike Hurts Poor

Looks like Rick Abbruzzese needs to get on the horn to the DGA, they are off the O'Malley message reservation.

The DGA just told us a one percent sales tax increase hurts the poor. O'Malley hiked the sales tax 20%.


Chester Peake said...

Increasing taxes is only wrong if you are a Republican. When Dems do it, it is not a tax increase, it is "Making hard choices to invest in our future".

See what I did there?

Chester Peake said...

It is called "O'Malley-Speak".

Coastersgr8stang said...

Looks like I will be emailing Rick to let him know how badly his futile boss goes against the grain, right? hahahaha. Martin OTaxey, Moving Maryland Backwards, by the way, I came up with that saying first and stated it should have been used in Ehrlichs Campaign, I am glad he did. He truly does listen to the people, Marty Tax and Spend clearly does not.

Bruce said...

Newgent, please: the 1% sales tax increase (i.e. from zero to 1) on exempt items in Rhode Island is the same margin against gross sales as the move from 5% to 6% percent. This is just intellectually dishonest. The increase in Rhode Island wasn't from 1% to 1.01%, but from zero to 1%

Reasonable people can debate the merits of sales taxes and increases in their rates but outright math lies - a word I have often been tempted to use regarding your posts, but have not used before - insults the intelligence of everyone who can do math at a 7th grade level, i.e. at least "20%" of your audience. Or is that 1%?

Mark Newgent said...

Bruce then do the math. If I bought and item, which costs $500 under the old sales tax rate of 5% that's $525 dollars total. Under O'Malley's sales tax increase that final cost is $530. The rate of increase between $525 and $530 is 20%. Now that may not mean much to us, but take that down to low income folks and that adds up.