Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unite or Die

The primary election season is now over. And now we move on to what is next.

As everbody expected Bob Ehrlich is the Republican nominee for Governor of Maryland. Vote totals are still outstanding for a number of hotly contested Republican primary races.

But let's face it; that is not what is really important at this point. What is important is that we as a Republican Party have our nominees. They are the standardbearers for our party.

So to everybody......enough is enough. You have had your say in the primary election process. And now the members of your party as spoken.

If we do not unite swiftly as a Republican Party, we will die at the ballot box on November 2nd. We need to place our egos aside. We need to place our concerns aside. Maryland's Democrats are the enemy, not your fellow Republicans!

We must unite to return Bob Ehrlich to the Governor's mansion. If we do not, we as a state and we as a Republican Party will not be able to survive.....


DetectiveDick said...


Matthew Newman said...

I'm in. Let's win this thing.

Paula said...

Brian Murphy is a class act, Brian Griffiths is not. I voted for Murphy and will support Mr. Ehrlich but have lost all respect for Griffiths. I can only hope the rest of Murphy's followers are as forgiving.

jasonvanb said...

I voted for Bob Ehrlich twice, but I don't know that I will do so a third time. The way Ehrlich, the MD GOP and Red Maryland treated Brian Murphy and the primary process was a sad, sad joke of heavy-handed insider politics. It has sickened me to the state of the GOP in Maryland.