Monday, September 20, 2010

Barbara Mikulski highlights her own failure

Take a look at the first ad from Barbara Mikulski:

What a stupendously fantastic ad. Not because of the fact that Mikulski speaks in platitudes as usual. But because he highlights exactly why she is an ineffective United States Senator.

Barbara Mikulski was first elected to public office in 1971. To put that in parents were 13 at the time. Mikulski has been in elected office for forty years. So what does Mikulski highlight during her ad? She wants to create new economy jobs! She wants new grants for teachers! She wants new investments at NIH! New work at the Allison Transmission plant! Never mind the fact that the resolutions she cited were House resolutions and not original legislation from her. She is fighting for Maryland jobs!

Except she isn't. Barbara Mikulski has consistently voted to support higher taxes on Maryland's families. She has supported without reservation Barack Obama's reckless spending. Barbara Mikulski has been an enthusiastic champion of higher and higher federal deficits that we absolutely cannot afford. Barbara Mikulski has been a champion of further federal regulations that make it harder for businesses to create jobs, and make it harder for Maryland workers to find gainful employment. What possible reason would we want her to continue serving in the United States Senate?

Barbara Mikulski has a consistent forty year record of failure in the United States Senator. Mikulski has a proven track record of putting special interests and party ahead of the needs of Maryland's Middle and Working Class families. We can put a stop to it by sending Eric Wargotz to Washington as our next Senator...


Gunpowder Chronicler said...


Put it more simply. If she is fighting for Maryland jobs, she is failing:

1) Sparrows Point will be idled through the end of the year, and will be sold after that-- again! When she was first elected, Sparrows Point employed over 30,000 people. Now they employ 4,000.

2) Railroads. Baltimore was once the place where "north met south" on the Eastern Seaboard for railroading. Since she was elected in 1971, there are no longer ANY major railroads headquartered (or with significant operations) in Maryland.

3) Other Manufacturing. What is built in Maryland? Very little. Shipbuilding, with the exception of Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, is dead. Hardware and tools? Gone. Dresser Wayne left Salisbury years ago for greener pastures. Solar Panels. Nope, they are closing. Aircraft? Nope. Satellites? Nope.

4) What jobs have been created in Maryland since she was elected? Government. But Government jobs don't support themselves (being paid for by taxes), nor do they create economic activity.

Summary: FAIL.

DetectiveDick said...

What was Babs background before being elected to Public Office in Baltimore City ? She was a Community Organizer.

fcg#p said...

"These factories" used to employ hundreds.. but on my watch I voted for policies that ensured that they would be shuttered, and reopened to house tens of jobs... that produce nothing!
" B.M."