Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reilly Blurs the Line

Senator Ed Reilly's new mailer really blurs the line between fact and fiction:
Reilly Mailing Rec'd 20100821

This is one of the most deceiving lit pieces I've ever. It implies that Delegate James King was using taxpayer fund to charter buses to send legislators to his bar. The article from the Baltimore Sun helpfully points out that the buses in question were not paid at taxpayer expense:
King Baltimore Sun Article 20070211

So what is the truth behind Delegate King's legislative nights at the Rockfish? King launched a "legislative nights" program at Rockfish in Annapolis on Monday nights during his first year in session. King made several investments, including chartering a bus at his own expense to attract business to Rockfish from the session. The fact of the matter is and the fact that the Sun article makes crystal clear is that Delegate King paid for the bus as a business investment for his own businesses.

Are we to imply for this mailing that Ed Reilly is against small businesses owners trying to grow their businesses? Who knows, but that certainly what it seems like to me.

The whole theme of Reilly's piece is to imply that James King is a crook and used his official position to charter the bus. It's disgraceful and it is wrong; Ed Reilly owes James King an apology for this.


Greg Kline said...

While the piece may imply more, I think there is a legitimate criticism of someone who is using their office to market their business.

I don't have a dog in this hunt but I think your criticism goes a bit far.

Martin Watcher said...

I agree with Greg, but would take it one step further. Why should members of the General Assembly get a free ride to a bar to hang out and party it up. Too often in Annapolis these perks go on which are wholely inappropriate.

Chester Peake said...

The question is, did any other bars, hotels, or other businesses make similar enticements to get customers from this (the Session) or other events in Annapolis? Hotels run free golf-cart-like shuttles now.

While "using your office" may be wrong, on the other hand your business should not be prohibited from doing what other businesses can do.