Wednesday, August 18, 2010

O'Malley Surrogates Harassing Small Business Owners

I received this email from a small buisness owner who was none too appreciative of the harassing email she recieved from an O'Malley surrogate.

As a business owner struggling to keep up, I was really irritated to receive an unsolicited email from a random spam source. Bashing our government leaders this way is shameful. Give facts not opinions. And let me choose if I want the extra emails. I choose not to receive solicitation on my business account so I will not miss the important business, employment, and potential sales opportunity emails.

In regards to the misleading statements-- baloney! I am dealing with the current administrations misleading promises everyday. The promiseof tax relief when hiring from the pool of unemployed--WRONG! As a small restaurant-diner open for breakfast & lunch I am not able to start or train an adult for a wage higher than the unemployment rate! Yet my unemployment taxes for a staff of mainly part-timers has been increased over $4000 this year!

That's a lot of flipping eggs to pay for that! And none of my employees have ever been laid off. Where is the help promised by O'Malley? So now my 7 day a week workday is over.

Off to be a dessert judge ata local event. May my emails stay silent as to not irritate my husband who gets so little time with me!!

Susan L. Rill,
Dutch Corner Restaurant
Manchester, Maryland

If Martin O'Malley wants to shake his well deserved reputation as hostile to business he would do well to have his drones stop badgering Maryland business owners.


Paul said...

Can you post a copy of the offending email?

streiff said...

justdafacts, your comments here are just as much spam as your egregious spam campaign to businesses.

Go away. Don't come back.

Bruce said...

The quote you have does not indicate that the source was an O'Malley surrogate or even what the nature of the "harassing" email was. I understand the recipient objects to criticism of public officials but that sounds like Republican spam in this Democratic-predominant state. I.e. case not made by evidence presented.

Mark Newgent said...


The email came from Steve Lebowitz an admitted and committed O'Malley surrogate.

Since we don't exist to provide a forum for him. Feel free to look up his site. The email is recycled Daily Kos tripe.