Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Continuing $ale of Judd Legum

We now bring you back to the story of a boy and his money....

Judd Legum (D-Soros) continues to blur the line between the world's first and second oldest professions with the filing of his campaign finance report this week. We we last brought you this story, Judd Legum had raised over seventy percent of his campaign donations from out of state. With this filing report, we find that Legum has increased his in-state fundraising but continues to be beholden to out of state donors.

Of Legum's total donations during this filing period 229 contributions were from Maryland; 176 were. This means that during the period 56.5 percent of Legum's contributions were in-state; and increase over the 42.9 % of in-state contributors during his first filing period.

Where did the contributors come from during this filing period:

  • California: 18
  • Colorado: 2
  • District of Columbia: 83
  • Delaware: 1
  • Florida: 1
  • Georgia: 2
  • Iowa:3
  • Illinois: 4
  • Maine: 1
  • Massachusetts: 2
  • Michigan: 2
  • Minnesota: 1
  • Missouri: 1
  • New Jersey: 1
  • North Carolina: 2
  • New York: 20
  • Pennsylvania: 11
  • Texas: 1
  • Virginia: 16
  • Washington: 3
Of course what remains true even after the second filing period is that more than half of Judd Legum's donations have come from out of state voters. And of those out of state voters, over 20 percent have come from Washington, DC alone.

By means of total dollars, Legum actually raised more more money in the last seven months from Maryland donors than he did during his entire first year of fundraising, raising $18,786 from Maryland coffers. During the same period, Legum raised "only" $14,720.47 from out of state donors. Of course, that does not exactly help his total numbers during this election cycle. In this election, Judd Legum has raised 61.64% of his donations from individuals who do not live in Maryland.

And that says nothing of the fact that of the his total receipts from within Maryland. A large number of his donations come from places like Chevy Chase, Takoma Park, Potomac. Places where his extremist agenda would be far more popular than in the District in which he is running.

Judd Legum is quite the individual in that he will sell his soul to be a Delegate in District 30. Beyond that, he will sell out the people of his District in order to get there; ironic considering that Legum has accused Delegate Ron George of buying his seat in Annapolis; even more ironic when you consider that nearly all of Delegate Ron George's contributions come from the state of Maryland.

I don't expect Judd Legum to respond to this, as usual. We know from prior experience that Judd Legum is gutless and will send somebody else out to defend his record because he doesn't have the spine to do so himself. However, it is becoming very apparent that Judd Legum is trying to deceive the people of District 30. But I have faith in the people of this district. I have faith that the people of District 30 will not support a candidate who will sell himself to do the bidding of Washington lobbyists and insiders instead of the business of the people of Maryland.


Bruce said...

Memo to Brian's (undoubtedly honorable and lovely) sweetheart: please do Maryland a kind favor and cook a pot roast for this poor, malnourished soul. I'll spring for the roast and the carrots.

Brian, you seem again to jump to the conclusion that Legum is gutless for being a strong liberal. You are shocked - scandalized? - that strong liberals are supporting him. You assume that he is selling his soul when in fact his soul simply advocate policies that you disagree with. No sellout at all; he's a liberal with some liberal backing from family, former colleagues, etc. I might well send Heather Mizeur and Jamin Raskin a few pennies in MD 18; are they sellouts or cowards if they don't tell me to stick my Owings Mills checks up my [edit]?

He has a national resume, family out of state and former colleagues in Washington - and you are shocked that they will send him some money if asked nicely. This isn't gutless, just being smart and polite on the phone.

Why should Legum take you seriously, give you the time of day, when your first mode - like Lee Atwater rising from the dead - is to attack him ad hominem rather than to state why his liberal politics are (in your view) a lousy idea. Really, it makes you look like a punk loser when you of course aren't one.

I hope you do get some pot roast.

Brian Griffiths said...

Now, I'm annoyed that Legum's ideas are so far outside the District 30 mainstream that he has to get fellow travelers to pay for them. He'd rather carry their water than do good work for the people of his district.

He may have a national resume, but it's a resume of doing dishonorable things while rolling with dishonorable people.

I will say this though. Legum and I have one thing in common, and that's the fact that next year neither one of us will be serving in the House of Delegates.

DetectiveDick said...

OMG, I really do not follow this Legum guy, however reading Marks comments of January 21, 2010 that connect Legum to ACP and obviously Progressive Maryland makes him a scary person. Progressive Maryland, ACP and O'Malley are trained lying machines, therefore Legum must be one thru association. After reading more about Legum, voters within his District must STOP this Progressive NOW.