Monday, August 16, 2010

Brian Murphy's Record

When Red Maryland’s editor’s endorsed Bob Ehrlich for Governor, they were extremely kind to Brian Murphy in their endorsement. I wouldn’t have been, and will not be today. It has nothing to do with Governor Palin, who along with Brian Griffiths I picked as being my choice for VP long before John McCain plucked her from the obscurity of Alaska. My opposition to Brian Murphy comes from his record.

Sure you can criticize Bob Ehrlich’s record, he has one. He has been in a position of responsibility for years and with responsibility comes good and bad decisions. But has anybody actually looked at Brian Murphy’s record?

He was a failed commodity trader for BG&E (or Constellation to be precise). That is like putting the head of BP on the ballot for Governor of Louisiana. Everybody that was paying attention will remember that it was Constellation’s commodities trading business that propelled the company to the edge of bankruptcy, forcing it to seek
anybody with cash to help the company out of the black hole of risky business leverage.

And where did Brian Murphy go after that? He became an investor in the Smith Island Baking Company. I’m not criticizing the fact that it’s a bakery, but it is a bakery whose sole business mission is the exploitation of the “State Cake”. If I remember correctly, most of us Conservatives were MOCKING the fact that the State legislature
designated an official “State Cake”. Instead, Brian Murphy is making money off of it. He sure has the capitalist flare, but when all of his money making schemes comes at the behest of government bailouts (Constellation is guaranteed profits through their monopoly in BGE) I call into question his record as a true Conservative wanting a limited government.

Ok, so let’s move on. Brian Murphy’s website states his conviction to being pro-life. Which I am, and says that if he is elected he’ll create “Joy’s House” along with his wife in order to provide pregnancy support for women that decide to keep their babies. Instead of starting something new, why doesn’t he and his wife get involved with Birthright, a great organization that has locations in Maryland and
throughout North America providing this service already. Protecting life doesn’t need to begin after an election.

Sadly, that is the only concrete idea on Brian Murphy’s website. Oh wait, he has another one. He wants to increase funding for environmental programs. Wow… spending even more money on the environment than O’Malley, while at the same time cutting spending. So if it’s not coming from environmental spending (which includes all of those ill advised land purchases) then where will the money he is cutting going to come from? Those that support Murphy keep saying how is idea are better. I will give you that no politician is talking about specific concrete ideas, but neither is Murphy folks. There is as much substance there as a conversation between two 13-year-old girls.

I’m not going to convince the Pro-Murphy camp with this piece, you like him because he's not Ehrlich or because you are a purist. This post is more geared toward those that continue with the line that Murphy is a "good choice" or a "strong candidate". Prove it to me, and please don't use the word conservative, give me solid points.


Chester Peake said...

Good to see your post, MW. Missed your musings since you stopped updating your blog. Short tweets don't do you justice.

Paul said...

Good to see you back in the saddle! We'll need everyone's help to get MOM out of Annapolis in November.

Maryland Society of Patriots said...

What a ridiculous set of arguments.

Because he wants to start his own pro-life organization and not join another you're saying that pro-lifers should instead support a pro-choice candidate in Ehrlich.

Murphy was not involved in constellation's failure nor did he fail.

You're saying because Murphy does not have an extensive record as a career politician the conservatives of Maryland should instead throw their support behind a failed, pro-choice, pro-gay RINO who grew government, raised taxes and appointed DEMOCRAT JUDGES.

Red Maryland is an assanine group of failed career politicians with 150 facebook fans. Their endorsment of Ehrlich showed why they are failures (THEY'RE NOT CONSERVATIVE) and your defense of them makes you look even worse.

Martin Watcher said...

You did not point to a single specific thing Murphy will do as Governor which is all I am looking for, other than to say he would start another organization when an existing one is already serving the purpose. I thought conservatives were into the idea of efficient services. How is it efficient to have 7 groups doing the same thing?

Please point out something Murphy WILL do, and has done. I am pro-life and would welcome seeing Brian Murphy volunteer at Birthright, but he hasn't because it didn't help his political career at the time.

Please look it up, BGE failed because of their risky commodity trading. That was the first unit sold off. So either Brian Murphy wasn't doing anything there, and then has only a year of business experience from taking advantage of the stupid "state cake", or he was part of making one of Maryland's only fortune 500 companies fail. Take your pick.

While Brian Murphy was selling State Cakes, Bob Ehrlich was helping Republican candidates across this state raise money to challenge Democrats. Results are what we all want to see, but you are giving Brian Murphy a pass, and why? When there is no record to point to, only a bunch of hollow words not backed up from the guy's 33 year on this planet. Rememeber the last time somebody came promising fancy words of change?

I really want you to point to something concrete for Murphy to hang his hat from, but instead you are tearing down Ehrlich as a comparison.

Brian Griffiths said...

I still love these so-called conservatives who want to call Bob Ehrlich a RINO coalescing around the guy (Murphy) who was a Democrat five years ago...

Greg Kline said...

How do the Murphy backers respond to the electability argument given that Murphy has raised 1/10 of what Ehrlich has this year and has an even smaller fraction on hand compared to O'Malley?

Will his awesomness simply make the money appear? Do you really believe it is just sitting there to be taken if we won the nomination?

Nobly losing to Martin O'Malley is hardly serving the cause of conservativism. For whatever his merits, Murphy simply has not proven himself to be the best GOP candidate for Governor and the clock is quickly running out.

Duke hoops fan said...

Well said MW. I have missed your blog ... hope all is well. Come back soon.

Dave said...

211,000 dollars.

Read that number again.

That money would all but guarantee 2 Gop Senate pickups.

This is the amount of money Brian Murphy has raised in his soon to be failed Gubernatorial bid.

I sincerely hope he donates this money to local candidates, since he is claiming to be the "real" Republican.

Martin Watcher said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I actually expected a different response. But not just that, writing has been difficult for me lately, and all these kind words make me realize it is worth it.

MikeGCSI said...

Mr. Murphy says his record differs from Governor Ehrlich on the Second Amendment. What he fails to point out is that Governor Ehrlich had an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association when he was a member of Congress and “B” rating while Governor. Mr. O’Malley has an “F” rating. NRA has not issued ratings for 2010.

streiff said...

I can't help but note that the NRA has really debased the value of its ratings this year with it going along with the Obama administration on the DISCLOSE Act.

Joshua said...

Put your money where your mouth is my parents always said. Maybe Bob and Brian should both show their charitable deductions on their tax returns for the last 5 years and see who cares more financially about poor people and those less fortunate. Don't comment on what people do in their personal lives when you do not have a damn clue.