Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cause for Concern?

Our friend Richard Falknor has a great piece analyzing the failure of the Maryland GOP to recruit a candidate for Attorney General. I encourage you to read it and do not believe I could say it much better.

In a year when the state's GOP has so much going for it and is expected to have a strong top of the ticket one does have to wonder: Why the state party has had such difficulty recruiting statewide candidates?

Let me submit for discussion that the recent change in party leadership has not resulted in the turnaround may claimed would occur. Or, to put it anther way, maybe the problem with the MDGOP was not simply who was the chairman.

Consider this a discussion thread.

UPDATE: The Gazette is now reporting some CYA by the state party pointing the finger at an unidentified county chairman as the reason for their failure to name an AG candidate at the last minute.

It still begs the question: When chairman Scott told this blog earlier this year that her goal was to have a Republican candidate in every race, why did it come down to the last minute in the first place?


Daniel Vovak said...

For MDGOP to not attract any candidate to oppose Gansler gives him several news cycles of media coverage and makes Gansler the likely governor nominee in 2014 (unless it's Franchot). This error is monumental, especially concerning Gansler's disdainful (in my opinion) support of gay marriage. As a political friend of Jim Shalleck, I commend his honorable approach to this and completely support Greg Kline's article. Sadly, Gansler now has a 4-year start on the nomination unless a Republican can win the seat in 2010 (or then again in 2014).

A similar rebuke should be in Audrey's home county of Price George's, where few Republicans filed to run for county-wide offices. Why write-off the big counties? This problem is toxic for Maryland Republicans and leads to our bad example of being the worst state (along with Hawaii) of electing state-wide Republicans.

Bruce said...

Greg, I would be curious as to whether you considered running yourself.

Not that I am trying to advance Team Red's prospects, but I think you are constitutionally qualified for the office, you are already politically active as an unabashedly committed, socially conservative Republican activist and attorney. It's not like you are trying to "pass for moderate" and I suspect you would have made a far more credible candidate than Democrats would like to admit.

While Gansler is probably untouchable, you would have constituted a definite contrast to him on policy matters. You are already strongly on the record in opposition to Gansler's views on same-sex marriage; while I as an openly liberal Democrat happen to agree with Gansler's views, a great many voters whom you/Team Red want to show up on Election Day state-wide and in District 1 don't. I suspect other lines could be drawn on matters like gun rights, the scope of Maryland's regulatory reach and state-level immigration controversies.

Personally I hope you don't run; you are a lot more likable as a person than most Democratic candidates are, you don't apologize for your brand and you live (or strongly appear to live) consistently with your professed values. That's the last thing a Democrat like me wants to see coming over the ridge from Team Red. Strong policy differences aside, my best to you professionally and personally (if not electorally.....)

Greg Kline said...


Thakn you for your very kind words. While I am probably minimally qualified I did not consider running for the post myself.

I am not the only person who fits your description which does make me wonder about the efforts the party made to recruit a candidate for this post.

The best to you as well. I hope your practic is flourishing.