Thursday, July 15, 2010


Nice catch by the Ehrlich campaign.

Sorry Governor O'Malley but this is just another example of your truthiness problem this summer. Marta Mossburg noted how you've actually been using the AAA bond rating: borrow hundreds of millions to pay for capital projects that should have been paid for in cash. This means that today's streets are paved with tomorrow's taxes. It also means revenue collected to upgrade wastewater plants, for example, is used for other purposes in the general fund, with bonds issued to replace the cash.

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Fake Gov O'Malley said...

Dear Repbs

I didnt lie about anything. If you intend on paying it back, it's not really borrowing. It doesn't matter what ya actually do, just what is in ur heart. And we did diversify our transportation funding...we're going to have to dip into a lot of sources to pay it off next year.

Rt @ Bev Baby
"We have to move things around in the budget, or look at the capital program to meet our needs"

But Im hoping Obama will write us another real BIG stimulus check real soon so we can get Maryland moving forward like a MARC Train! Beep beep!

& have U Repbs checked out my new official website yet? I had Rick & Tom add a lot more pictures of ME. Plus it's a pretty green! It was way too wordy before. I told them my fans don't like to read 2 much. U wont be thinking about the budget anymore once you see my new fly website and all the new pictures of ME!

(fake) Governor O'Malley