Thursday, June 17, 2010

Murphy Campaign loses its own argument

So the Brian Murphy campaign has been telling anybody who will listen that their guy can beat Martin O'Malley, whereas Governor Ehrlich can't. Somebody apparently did not tell their press shop, because I got this press release today straight from the Murphy campaign:

In the latest poll, O’Malley and Ehrlich were in a statistical dead-heat: 44% to 43%. However, only 28% definitely will vote for incumbent Governor O’Malley and 31% were firmly committed to former Governor, an “incumbent” once removed, Ehrlich.

In a match-up against Martin O’Malley, Brian Murphy trailed 44% to 25%, with 31% of voters undecided.

Kinda takes a hit to the electability argument, does it not? Probably something to do with the fact that, over the six-month course of this campaign, Murphy's name ID is hovering at 27%. Hard to imagine that if Murphy's name ID hasn't broken a third of the electorate in the last six months that the rate will continue to improve between now and the end of his campaign in September.

Makes you wonder how long before those few Murphy supporters out there realize that tilting at windmills with the potential spector of a second term for O'Malley is really worth it...



Michael Swartz said...

I don't think Brian Murphy is going to be the fall guy for Bob Ehrlich if Bob loses, although I can guarantee a whole lot of people will try to pin the blame on him anyway should O'Malley win - I bet you'll be right there on that bandwagon.

It would actually be nice if Ehrlich looked at a couple of Murphy's proposals after the primary and adopted them into his campaign. I like the idea of erasing the corporate income tax, for one.

Greg Kline said...

To be able to blame Murphy there would have to be proof that he ran a credible campaign that required Ehrlich to expend time or resources to defeat him or actually impacted the turnout in November. I see no evidence of either.

Why wait? Ehrlich could adopt those good ideas now though I would point out that Ehrlich is running on a promise to not just raise taxes but cut them albeit the sales tax. Maybe not the perfect message and not the perfect messenger but still light years ahead of the only viable alternative.