Friday, April 9, 2010

So The Joint Wasn't On Fire

Crack sleuth Sherlock Holmes Lobianco reports that there was no fire just a smoke at the legislative confab at O'Brien's last night.

O'Malley must have been talking about rolling back BGE rates again.

However, we do have exclusive video of O'Malley fleeing the scene.


Duke hoops fan said...

Aahhh! The combination of hot and combined with the stench of Maryland politics. A fire would likely have been preferable.

Fake Gov O'Malley said...

Damn right, I'm gonna get myself to safety first before I tell the rest of those fools there might a fire.

When are U Repbs gonna join the party? I had a great time (before the smoke) with my lobbyist friends and fellow Dems. There are so many Irish bars within walkin distance from the md gen assembly (though I ride coz Im fly like that). U really gotta live it up when it's in session.

This be my current jam:

(fake) Governor O'Malley