Tuesday, April 6, 2010

O'Malley knows he's losing

Desperation is setting in early on the second floor....

The game of chess between the O'Malley and Ehrlich camps began today, with Governor O'Malley challenging Governor Ehrlich to a debate this Saturday during Ehrlich's radio show, with Governor Ehrlich countering with the offering of a mano-a-mano conversation between the two (which I, for one, would think would be fascinating radio).

Team O'Malley's challenge of a debate is a classic political gambit, trying to take the opposing candidate out of their comfort zone by being generally pesky and annoying.

However, there is one minor detail about the tradition of this gambit; it is invariably only played by a challenger or a candidate who is trailing in the polls. A strong incumbent would never play this card, particularly this early in the campaign.

Is Team O'Malley's opening gambit a tacit admission that their candidate is the underdog? Or is it merely a way to lower their campaign's polling and fundraising expectations? Only time will tell, but clearly it seems to be the opening salvo from a campaign that wants nothing to do with running on Martin O'Malley's record of failure, Martin O'Malley's record tax hikes, Martin O'Malley's record spending, and Martin O'Malley's inability to effectively govern.

Expect similar gambits from the O'Malley camp from here on out.


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DetectiveDick said...

Maryland is a Democrat Party State by a 2-1 margin. The Democrat Party has been hijacked by the Progressive movement. O'Malley is the leader of the Maryland Progressive movement. The traditional Democrat Party members now see that they have no representation in Annapolis or DC. Most informed voters will show up at the polls in September and November to reclaim Maryland from the destructive Progressive O'Malley. Governor O'Malley will be defeated in 2010 because of his Policy to destroy Maryland's "working families". Bob Ehrlich needs to explain how he as Governor will restore Maryland to prosperity while O'Malley has to defend his FAILED Policies that have lead to the highest unemployment rate in 35 years while inflicting a Historic and record tax increase.
Good Luck O'Malley