Friday, April 2, 2010

It's All Just Fun and Games...

Why are Democratic Senators Brian Frosh and Richard Madaleno playing games with the Jessica's Law enhancement?

Do they have a problem with sending child predators to jail for 20 years for second degree rape and molestation of a child?

Do they think a five year maximum sentence is adequate given the only difference between first and second degree offenses is an accomplice or use of a weapon?

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Rich Madaleno said...

I read with amazement your allegation concerning my actions. The first line of this bill refers to vaginal intercourse and the bill deals with a number of crimes of a sexual nature. As I do not serve on the Judicial Proceedings Committee, the second reading of the bill is the first opportunity I and others have to review the committee's action. Since we had a number of young people in the audience, I thought it more appropriate to lay the bill over and ask my questions about the bill privately to the committee staff. I wanted to make sure that other actions other than vaginal intercourse were covered.

The lay over is commonly used to learn about bills. It is why it appears in the law. For example, I was the floor leader on two bills the prior day that were laid over so that colleagues from different committees could have their concerns answered. Sen. Jacobs has laid over numerous bills this year. I would not question her actions as she works hard at being a thoughtful and informed senator even if I often disagree with her positions. I deserve no less respect from you.

Unfortunately, we now live in a time of immediate gotcha politics. My effort to be a better informed legislator is immediately condemned by interest groups and activists anxious to attack anyone who gets in their way no matter what their motivation. How sad. Calm down and let the process work.

DetectiveDick said...

Senator Madaleno wrote, he deserves "respect". The Washington Post reported that you are a "HERO" of Progressive Maryland. Gee, just what is your agenda? Oh, I forget you are a Progressive, that sums it up.

Chester Peake said...

Rich- You could have stated from the floor that the discussion was about to get racy, and requested those responsible for the children in the gallery to kindly remove them, then got into the nitty-gritty of the bill. The bill deserves a vote.

DetectiveDick said...

Please do not POST his comment. The question is for Mark.

My original comments were not listed in the post. Was there a problem? Thanks, because if my comments were offensive please let me know?

Mark Newgent said...

Senator Madaleno,

I left you voicemail and email messages asking for comment on my source's allegations. You did not bother to respond.

If you had, I would have printed your statement.

I also note that in your above comment you did not deny the allegation that Frosh asked you to lay over the bill.