Thursday, April 22, 2010

Holy Day for Hypocrites

So in case you've been living under a rock, today is Earth Day. And in what ways do the world's "climate warriors" celebrate Earth Day?

Well, if you're Martin O'Malley, you log 800 miles driving across Maryland on taxpayer dollars to prop up your sagging re-election campaign. This of course, coming weeks after he had an SUV waiting for him to hitch a ride home in lieu of a tough three minute walk home from the bar.

If you're the President and Vice-President, you both fly separately to New York, tying up air traffic for hours. Of course, you really don't want the President and Vice-President to fly on the same plane for obvious reasons. But when you're flying Joe Biden to New York to be on The View...

If you're a rock star or a music lover, you go down to Washington for the Earth Day 2010 Climate Rally being held on the National Mall, which might have some sort of record for biggest carbon footprint in support of lowering carbon footprints since LiveEarth. I drove past the Mall today, and the number of tents, booths, trash receptacles and whatnot that have been brought to the Mall for this event is impressive. Obviously, they didn't bring these things to the Mall in a Pedicab; they were brought in by big, nasty, diesel trucks that spewed all sorts of nasty emissions into the local atmosphere. And to entertain the masses, the organizers of this event are flying in all sorts of people for the event; Jesse Jackson, James Cameron, Dhani Jones, Margaret Atwood, Sting, John Legend, The Roots, and more. How do you think these folks got to DC? They didn't ride Barack Obama's low-emission unicorns powered by rainbow energy, that's for sure.

Look, all of us support making sure we have a clean environment; I mean it was a Republican that basically invented conservation as a national policy. And that's what environmentalism should focus on; conservationism. Conserving our natural resources and not wasting them. Not using environmentalism as a cudgel to push a radical social agenda, and certainly not an excuse to lecture the masses about it while having carbon footprints many times larger than the average citizen.

But then again, like many holidays, Earth Day has become the focal point of a movement, a day for excess and double standards. For these so-called "climate warriors", however, the average taxpayer sees through their shams and recognize them for the hypocrites they are...



Bruce Godfrey said...

I stand with Griffiths on this.

If you want to support "the earth," stay home, power down, enjoy a day of monastic silence. Or take a hike, literally. Don't go to a stupid concert in downtown DC, or if you do, do it for an honest reason: you want to get high, get lit, hear tunes and maybe get ****ed like your hippie forbears.

If you want to help the earth, you should promote the development of the third world, especially through appropriate technology that uses market forces to increase per capita productivity. That means low-cost solar ovens, donut-shaped water canisters that roll along like lawn movers, foot-powered water pumps that get more food out of the dirt per farmer-day and farmer-year.

Unlike most of the editors of Red Maryland, I am not a global-warming skeptic/denier. But I don't blame the industrialized world, which is more carbon-efficient in its productivity than is much of the Third World. Some myopic liberals say we use ______ percent of the world's energy with a teary eye and a heavy guilty heart, but per productivity dollar the industrialized West is cleaner and greener than China, India, you name it. Just look at Haiti and the Dominican Republic; the latter is far less developed and has wiped out its own forests through radical mismanagement, while the Dominican Republic is six times wealthier per capita and is lush with trees.

If the world industrialized more fully, there would definitely be more carbon footprint and, in my view, more problems but we would also have the planetary productivity gain to be able to deal with those problems in a reasonable manner. Development and increases in productivity promote peace and trade, yielding more efficiencies. There's a reason that metropolitan New York City has plenty of trees while Haiti is largely barren - development is NOT the enemy of the environment but its ally.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Isn't also interesting that Earth Day is celebrated on Lenin's birthday?

Mark Newgent said...

Bruce, I love it when you listen to your inner libertarian.