Thursday, April 8, 2010

Editors' Prerogative

Bob Ehrlich's entrance into the gubernatorial race has a lot of people excited, but remember unbridled enthusiasm was Billy Mumphrey's downfall.

In that vein we deleted a few recent posts by Last Reporter because poorly drawn sketches don't add much to the debate.

We love good mockery but scribble, which looks less like Stephanie Rawlings Blake and more like Michael Jackson does not make for good satire.

A better critique of Baltimore's new mayor would be her choice in spokesperson. But we digress.

--The Editors


Last Reporter said...

Sorry about that Red Maryland. Your point is well taken.


Last Reporter

Martin Watcher said...

I think the points were pretty funny though. The "hey I can't blame Bush or Ehrlich anymore so I'll blame Michael Steele cause he has absolutley nothing to do with issues in Maryland..." , the idea of taxing non-profits in Baltimore,

Histronics said...

Martin Watcher,

I agree. The thoughts and satire were meant to be succinct, but alas, I am no artist.

Anyway, the fact that the comments are coming from such a excellent blogger as you is an honor!

Last Reporter