Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bob Ehrlich for Governor

Since Red Maryland's founding in 2007, the writers and editors here have been extremely critical of the direction of policy and priorities here at the state level. Most of the responsibility for those misguided policies begins at the top, thanks the ineffective leadership of Governor Martin O'Malley. Obviously, we think that four years is enough of O'Malley's reckless leadership.

This year, Maryland has a choice, and we as Republicans have a responsibility to elect a Governor who is ready to lead Maryland. That is why Red Maryland endorses Bob Ehrlich for Governor.

During his first four year term as Governor, Bob Ehrlich was able to prevent many policies that later came to fruition during the O'Malley Administration. There were no income tax hikes. There were no sales tax hikes. And if there was one thing that Bob Ehrlich did was leave the state with a surplus that exceeded $1 billion; a surplus that Martin O'Malley quickly squandered. With Bob Ehrlich as Governor (along with more good, fiscally responsible members of the General Assembly) we know that additional new taxes will be thwarted

Maryland right now is suffering a crisis, and that crisis is from a lack of leadership. Martin O'Malley and his cohorts down in Annapolis continue to spend, then tax, then spend and tax some more. Is is any wonder that companies like Northrop Grumman refuse to give Maryland a serous chance to compete for their business when Maryland is saddled with the worst Governor in America? Bob Ehrlich has lead Maryland through crises before, having steered the ship of state through the Blizzard of 2003 and the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel. And Bob Ehrlich makes the tough decisions, including decisions that are both not necessarily ones that are popular or ones that we always agree with. But no matter how you slice it, Bob Ehrlich will be ready to lead on day one.

Governor Ehrlich does have a primary challenger in this race. Brian Murphy is an impressive guy who could have a future in leading our state. He would make a great candidate for Comptroller. But he is in the wrong race at the wrong time.

The Editors here at Red Maryland encourage you to do your part to support Governor Ehrlich. Visit his campaign site at to learn more.


Daniel 'The Whig Man' Vovak said...

That's all you have to say? This is a pretty thin read for editors who know a whole lot more.

Hescominsoon said...

Bob is going to save MD eh? He was a RINO. Sure he wasn't as much of a big spender as Marty but he's no conservative.

Greg Kline said...

We have said a lot about Ehrlich and O'Malley. Just search our blog. We will have a lot more to say.

Like it or not, the reality is that the choice is between Ehrlich and O'Malley. We believe Ehrlich is the choice and support him wholeheartedly, warts and all.

Fake Gov O'Malley said...

WTF is this crap??!

I'm sorry, but I'm bringing hope and change to Maryland whether you fringe Repbs like it or not.

So y'all need to get with my ONE MARYLAND program (Rick can send u a copy if u don't have one), or U need to shut up and get out my way.


(fake) Governor O'Malley

Bruce said...

I think as a matter of principle, Fake Gov O'Malley wins the thread. Even I, the liberal quasi-troll of this highly influential conservative blog, cannot deny the power of his mockery of the Biceps-and-Chin-that-Roared.

Hescominsoon said...

there's never ONLY two choices. That's one of hte biggest lies ever sold..and the fact you help sell it is shameful. I voted for myself last election..and i will do the same this election if there's not another candidate I feel is truly interested in following the US and Maryland Constitutions. Ehrlich and Marty do NOT care about either of those documents.

Greg Kline said...

Let me say it this way, you have many choices but one of only two people will be the next Governor of Maryland. You can write in Mickey Mouse if you want but the reality is that only Ehrlich or O'Malley will be Governor in 2011.

Join us in the real world.


This is pretty thin soup in support of a candidate who has already been governor, in Congress, and is well known.

I think that is the problem, really. There is very little substance to Ehrlich, who comes across as its-all-about-me and not its-all-about-Maryland.

As a resident of his old Congressional district, I know this was his attitude, this is his partisan essence. He really does not intend to represent ALL the people, just the ones who agree with him on issues he has pre-selected.

streiff said...

A few of observations.

This is a blog. We limit the length of our posts because of conventions associated with blogging. So you shouldn't confuse the length of a post with depth of support.

Governor Ehrlich has a record. As we don't consider those who have recently come out of decade long comas a key demographic we assume that most of our readers are at least vaguely familiar with Bob Ehrlich's tenure in office, and more importantly they are familiar with Martin O'Malley's.

Lastly, no one represents "all the people." That is a ridiculous notion which is evident in a two party system and elections. Candidates run on principles (usually called a "platform") and if they win, they are expected to govern accordingly which ensures they rarely represent more than 55% of the electorate. Do you seriously think Martin O'Malley has governed for the benefit of anyone other than Baltimore City, Prince George's County, and Montgomery County?

DetectiveDick said...

Reagan said in 1980, " Are you better off than you were four years ago"? That statement alone made voters think "We the People" can do better. Well, I am not better off in Maryland than I was four years ago. The question Marylanders need to ask themselves is, How much more of your income will be confiscated by Government? We know that O'Malley needs to raise taxes and fees in 2011 by a historic and record amount to continue his spending addiction. By voting for O'Malley in 2010 you are voting for a reduction to your net disposable income. Four more years of O'Malley is economic suicide.

Daniel 'The Whig Man' Vovak said...


You miss my point completely about your "thin read." Below is what the editors of the Washington Post wrote when they endorsed Ehrlich in 2006. On comparison with The Washington Post, Red Maryland's endorsement is obvious to be written by bloggers, not to be taken seriously by journalists. I suggest you rewrite this endorsement, as professional editors would, else other media outlets in Maryland will never follow your lead. As a former news editor, I can tell you that you are missing a massive opportunity here by not properly (and respectfully) comparing Ehrlich's weaknesses to Murphy's weaknesses and Ehrlich's strengths to Murphy's strengths.

I have not yet decided on whom I will endorse on Montgomery County Daily, but I assure you my read will be better than yours. On the other hand, I love your website and know you usually do a great service for Republicans. Yet this endorsement is of no help to undecided Republican voters in the primary, like myself.

Washington Post 2006 Ehrlich endorsement
WHEN HE RAN for governor of Maryland four years ago, Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s claim to the job seemed to rest on little more than a sense of entitlement and a telegenic, genial personality. In fits and starts, though, he has grown in the role to become a generally proficient, pragmatic governor, if not always a disciplined or mature one. He has chalked up successes on transportation, the environment and education, among other things. For Mr. Ehrlich, the state's first Republican governor in a generation, those are real achievements -- particularly when weighed against the monolith of Democratic dominance in the state legislature. His opponent in the gubernatorial race, Democrat Martin O'Malley, is a smart, adroit politician who has compiled a creditable record as mayor of Baltimore for the past seven years, but he has not made a compelling case for toppling the incumbent. Our choice is Mr. Ehrlich.

No doubt Mr. Ehrlich has had the good fortune to govern during good times. Having inherited a crushing deficit upon taking office in 2003, he benefited over the next three years from a muscular national economy that lifted Maryland, as it did most states, and pumped up the public coffers in Annapolis. Still, Mr. Ehrlich helped his own cause by raising funds through higher taxes and fees, breaking with his party's knee-jerk anti-tax orthodoxy and using the proceeds constructively. Despite having squandered time, energy and political capital in pushing fruitlessly to expand state-sanctioned gambling in Maryland, the governor did manage a number of victories.

Mr. Ehrlich was able to revive, accelerate and push through approval of a highway to connect interstates 270 and 95 north of the District, which would be the first major road to be built in the Maryland suburbs in years and one that is badly needed. Though it had been on the state's drawing board for decades, the intercounty connector was a dead letter when Mr. Ehrlich took office. On the environment, Mr. Ehrlich rightly claims authorship of the "flush tax" bill, under which households pay a $30 annual fee to finance upgrades in sewage plants that pollute the Chesapeake Bay; it represents an important step toward cleaning the state's waterways.

Fake Gov O'Malley said...

Why are you fools still arguing over this post???

Check out my Red Maryland endorsement that I wrote myself:

(fake) Governor O'Malley

Brian Griffiths said...

The idea of getting suggestions on being taken seriously from the Wig Man cracks me up for obvious reasons.