Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bob Ehrlich is running for Governor and Ricky Martin is Gay

Two of the worst kept secrets were revealed today.

All kidding aside, it is game on for the 2010 Maryland Governor's race. While the Ehrlich camp has fueled speculation for months, in a concerted effort to keep the former Governor in the news, I never doubted that the Governor Ehrlich was going to run again. In fact, those close to the Ehrlich camp know that he never really stopped. The former Governor has been more like the head of a shadow government or government in exile with many who served in his adminstration still working with him at his law firm and his radio show. In addition, he has kept his campaign infrastructure, especially his fundraising arm, in place ever since he left office.

These are all good things. While some conservatives have had their issues with the former Governor, and he would be wise to mend some of these fences, the MDGOP has a candidate with more name recognition and ability to fundraise then they have ever had. He also has a compelling contrast between his four years (deficit to surplus without raising sales, gas or income taxes) and O'Malley's (surplus to deficit with all taxes increased and slots).

This is why the Democrats have been on the attack (cue MDDEMS talking point comments below) as my colleagues have chronicled here. Their goal is to divide and depress conservative and Republican voters with the goal of four more years of the failed O'Malley program including tremendous tax increases to come.

Despite his imperfections, all Maryland conservatives must realize that Bob Ehrlich is the only alternative to four more years of Martin O'Malley.

UPDATE: For the record, this is not an endorsement by RedMaryland but one contributor's opinion. And for all the Brian Murphy fans, I think the burden is on you to prove he is a viable alternative to Ehrlich.


Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Greg, in all fairness, Ehrlich *DID* raise fees. The ignominious "flush tax", which charged septic system owners to fund updates to municipal sewer systems, being the most egregious.

Of course, the scope of those fee increases in no means approaches the rapacious taxation of Marty.

streiff said...


I live on a well and septic system. Where do you think the sludge from you septic tank goes when it is pumped every 3-5 years? The local treatment plant.

I like free stuff as well as the next guy but if you are using the system you should pay. A pretty basic conservative principle even if it did result in a fee.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Except, Streiff, that if you look at the problems along the coastal lines -- Harford, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, the entire Eastern Shore -- one of the big environmental issues is monstrously failing septic systems.

Had some of those fees been slated toward fixing those problems, I might agree with you. But as it stands, the flush tax was nothing more than a poor attempt at a wealth transfer to highly mismanaged municipal waste-water systems.

BTW, you already pay a fee to dump that sewage -- its include in the service fee for the honey truck. So you are just dumping twice.

JokersWild said...


My taxes already go to pay for our county treatment plant. Are you saying that in three to five years I pump 100% of my homes sewage to a treatment plant? Although I'll grant you that Bob's flush tax would have placed an undue burden on the running of a certain farmers irrigation pivot, it is amusing to see you either don't understand how a septic tank works, or more likely are attempting to misdirect like many of your ilk. One more factoid for you Streiff, I haven't had the need to pump out my system in 10 years, because MY system was properly designed by ME not the lowest common denominator working for the county seat. I am also careful what detergents we use and what goes down our drain. You sound like just another slick talking city boy who thinks they know something, the reality is you're probably not even familiar with Shinola.

streiff said...

to the last two,

first, Gunpowder, you are assuming that the fee system was in place all across Maryland previously. It wasn't. The fact that waste facilities, in some cases, might be mismanaged doesn't mean that they don't need to be funded. Those are two different problems.

To the second, the fact that you don't know how to maintain a septic system isn't my fault but rather speaks to your own ignorance. Don't come back until you learn how to make an argument without calling someone a liar.