Friday, February 26, 2010


.....let's take a look at the last two people in political circles who have employed Judd Legum.

One was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who of course spent most of the 1990's engrossed in one scandal or another....or another....or another. Legum worked as the Research Director of her Presidential Campaign, and if you remember towards the end of the campaign it was supporters of Clinton's campaign that first gave worth to the asinine birther movement.

Next, Legum (as we noted) went to work for New York Governor David Paterson. Paterson, of course, admitted to having an affair with a subordinate while serving as Lt. Governor and ended his campaign for a full term today due to the fact that he is being investigated for accusations that he abused his power to protect an aide accused of assaulting a woman last October.

So if you take a look at the scorecard, the last two political candidate employers of Judd Legum are two people who embody the picture of Democrats constant embroiled in scandal. With the people Legum works for, I think we really need to be questioning the fitness of his judgment and his fitness for office. Legum has shown to be a bad judge of character considering these (and others) he has decided to associate himself with. also makes me wonder what skeletons are in Judd Legum's attic.



Hescominsoon said...

Asinine birther movement? Obama hasn't given an actual birth certificate to anyone. A certificate of live birth is given to ANY live baby anywhere...therefore Obama as far as the birthers are concerned isn't a US Citizen as required under the Constitution. I think it's asinine that folks like yourself apparently don't care that this c an be solved very easily.: Release the birth certificate. Instead obama has spent millions, abused his executive powers, done everything to keep this secret. History has shown that when anyone goes to these lengths to keep something under wraps..the thing they are being accused of is true.

If the GOP wants to be taken serious and not be known as the party of RINOS that many think they are...actually listen to the people instead of insulting them....most of the time you political operatives are flat wrong.

Brian Griffiths said...

It's comments like yours which pretty much hurt the credibility of the Tea Party Movement, the Republican Party, and conservatives everywhere.