Saturday, February 13, 2010

It’s No Coincidence His Initials Are MOM

"Stop already with the 'Scrape my street down to the pavement.' That cannot happen for the next 72 hours. We ask that you be the great citizens, great Marylanders, great Americans that you are and bear with us." –Martin O’Malley

I admit the depth of O’Malley’s smug condescension gets lost in textual quotation. However, here is the video of the governor with his sanctimonious feathers in full plumage. It's fingernails scraping across the proverbial chalkboard.

Why did O’Malley scold Marylanders after the second wave of snowpacalypse?

The answer is easy. O’Malley is a nanny state progressive, and they don’t take well to complaints from those they perceive as children, i.e., the rest of us.

One need only take a look back at his state of the state speech—brimming with nanny state paternalism toward the individual—to find the impetus for O’Malley’s petulant outburst.

As I wrote about the speech last week:
Like so many progressives, O’Malley’s concern for the “individual” isn’t about the individual per se but rather yoking the individual to the will of the state. It’s no coincidence that the individual is subordinate to the state in placement in that paragraph, for in theory and practice, progressives value the state above the individual…In O’Malley’s eyes the individual citizen is mere tool for advancing the will of the all encompassing state.

According to O’Malley “Great citizens, great Marylanders, great Americans” don’t question their public masters. They shut up, they don’t complain—especially about him—and do what they’re told.

After all, we can’t have a little thing like democracy getting in the way of dear leader MOM strapping us into the car seat of the minivan of state on the way to the sunny uplands of “One Maryland,” now can’t we.


Coastersgr8stang said...

What an outstanding summation of the Governor of Maryland. I could not have said it better myself. I wonder if he and Mike Miller discussed this over morning coffee first.

Chester Peake said...

MOM is right that the kiddies shouldn't expect the Gov'mnt to plow immediately all streets to the asphalt, and those of us not coddled by MOM didn't expect him to. We shoveled much of our own streets and neighbors out ourselves, and waited patiently for the authorities to handle the rest. It's those who have been brainwashed to rely totally on Big Government to do all... those were the impatient ones, helpless without our MOMmies.

Duke hoops fan said...

That was a classic which reminded me of Jimmah (put on another sweater) Cahta. I believe Marty has jumped the shark.