Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Continuing Saga of Derek Fink

Derek Fink's stock seems to be falling faster than Barack Obama's as more discussion goes on regarding his business arrangements with Cookie Kiser.

Below is an image of a letter that is circulating regarding Fink's conduct in the matter, and it does not paint a very pleasant picture of Fink's conduct during this matter.

Bottom line is that Derek Fink does not at all seem like he is on the up and up.....



richard said...

It is sad that even local politics has sunken to smear campaigns as opposed to concentrating on the political views of the candidates. Instead of hearing about Derek Fink's private business arrangements or Tom Redmond's prior legal issues I would like to hear the two of them debate on the issues facing Pasadena residents. Maybe the Pasadena Voice might want to look into this.

streiff said...

that's sort of an exotic position, at least since what the Clinton administration taught us, isn't it?

Are you seriously contending that character is irrelevant when supporting candidates?