Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Consequences of Failure

We at RedMaryland have taken, of course, a great interest in the appointment process for the vacancy in the House of Delegates in District 3B. And now we see what the consequences of Republicans failure to lead has been.

Governor O'Malley appointed Charles Jenkins to fill the vacancy. And as my friend a colleague Greg Kline noted, Jenkins is on the record as being against tax cuts and for tax increases.

Is it any wonder Governor O'Malley picked Jenkins to fill the vacancy?

And is it any wonder so many average Republicans have no faith in their local Republican Party apparatus?

These are the consequences of failure. Our party needs to pick up the pieces and learn from this mistake....


Chester Peake said...

"Jenkins is on the record as being against tax hikes and for tax increases."

Uh... aren't tax HIKES and tax INCREASES the same thing???

O'Malley said it came to picking the one who had experience in elected office.

Greg Kline said...

Brian should have said tax cuts. I think Sen. Mooney said it best “If you’re a Democratic governor, you’re going to pick a go-along-to-get-along guy.”

Brian Griffiths said...

Yeah that is pretty obvious, fixed now.