Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Check, to You Mr. Kratovil

With Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts' special election to fill Ted Kennedy's Senate, the onus to pass Obamacare shifts to the House. No doubt Rahm Emmanuel will be on the hill strong-arming Democrats to vote for the Senate version of the health care "reform" bill. Not a few House Democrats are not hoping

Remember, Nancy Pelosi barely moved the House version of the bill out of her chamber (3 votes) back in November. Frank Kratovil got the proverbial hall pass and was allowed to vote no. With Obama's signature policy initiative on the line the whip will crack hard on all Democratic members, including Kratovil.

With Andy Harris mounting a rematch, Kratovil's seat is extremely vulnerable.

Kratovil touts his independence, but in the end--when it counts--on major votes like the stimulus and cap and trade he's toed the party line.

Will he vote the will of his conservative leaning district

It's your move congressman.


bud said...

I know Kratovil is vulnerable but it's not because he's the flaming liberal that Andy Harris swore he'd be. In fact, he's governed down the middle. Still, he could be a victim of the 1st Congressional District. Similar circumstances caught up to Connie Morella years back.

That said, Kratovil's best chance would be to have Harris in the race. After all, Harris has zero likability. His nastiness and whining didn't appeal to voters in 2008 and it may harm him again in 2010. The best thing that could happen for the GOP would be for E.J. Pipkin to be the nominee.

Mark Newgent said...

Bud, your assumption presupposes the political climate is similar in 2010 as it was in 2008.

Whether you like Andy Harris personally or not you know what you're getting and it's much more in-line with the anger towards Washington--and Kratovil has not governed down the middle unless of course you would label a vote for the stimulus and cap and trade as "centrist."

Don't forget Pelosi and Hoyer will revoke his hall pass for the healthcare reconcilliation vote.

bud said...


First of all, cap and trade will never be passed in the Senate, so it's a non-issue. Second, you're highlighting two votes while ignoring the big picture. Keep in mind, Kratovil has bucked the his party leadership by co-sponsoring bills for E-verify and a halt on Congressional raises. Also, he voted no on the disastrous health care bill.

As for Pelosi and Hoyer, if they shun Kratovil, that's more points in his favor. Sure, they can influence how much money he gets next go-around. Still, I don't see Club for Growth flushing another $2 million down the tank for Andy Harris again.

Mark Newgent said...


Kratovil's vote FOR it will most certainly be an issue as is his vote FOR the stimulus.

Steve said...

This blog site wants you to believe that Kratovil voted NO on the healthcare bill because he got a "hall pass" from Pelosi, and only because of the hall pass. At the same time, each blog mentions Andy Harris with every mention of Kratovil. Does this blog site have special insight into what Pelosi says or does with respect to Kratovil? Are we the "public" supposed to believe these bloggers when they question Kratovil's motives for voting NO as not genuine? As opposed to simply making good on his campaign promise as a fiscal conservative? Is this what we have in store for the 2012 election? Attack ads from Andy Harris? Is that all you have? Is so, then bring it on!!! We are still pissed off tax payers here on the Eastern Shore. And still pissed off at Andy Harris and the Republican machine that brought down Wayne Gilchrest...an honorable man!