Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Sure Maryland's economy is in the crapper, but who needs to worry about that? Now watch me play this riff"

Hey, remember back when Martin O'Malley was running for Governor back in 2006 and he talked about giving up his side gig in a crappy band in order to focus on his day job. Well, neither does he:

O'Malley's March, the governor's semi-retired Celtic rock band, won't be hanging it up for good anytime soon.

The band has two concerts planned the night of Nov. 21 at the historic Avalon Theatre in Easton. And Tuesday morning, the Rams Head in Annapolis said it had landed Gov. Martin O'Malley's band Dec. 20 (in an announcement that also included newly booked shows by Keb' Mo' and Sonny Landreth).

"Yeah, we have a couple of jobs," O'Malley confirmed in an interview Tuesday morning after a gubernatorial event in Glen Burnie. "I guess they're near enough to the holidays that we felt free to do them. It will be good to play again."

Sure, it's not the only promise O'Malley threw out the window after the election, nor is it the first time that he fell off the music wagon....

But god forbid the Governor actually, you know, try and do something for the taxpayers of Maryland and focus on lowering taxes, cutting spending, and solving this deficit.

Maybe an enterprising group might choose to protest to make that point outside of the Governor's gigs....

Until then, maybe somebody should remind the Governor that he can always pursue his dream of being in a band and living out of a van, resign the Governorship, and turn the responsibility over to somebody who actually gives a damn. I think we'll all be happier that way...


retgroclk said...

There has got to be a Democrat out there somewhere
wiling to challenge O'malley in the primaries.

I do not believe he is that popular.

Bob Fustero

Ian Logsdon said...

While I agree the Governor should not be playing gigs with his band, you are absolutely wrong when you say they are crappy, the band is actually pretty damn good. But of course, you have to go for a cheap shot, because you are disrespectful and spiteful, it makes your entire post seem trite and petty. You hurt your entire argument with that adjective, and why? Because you dislike him personally and want to be a prick. Well done, well done.

Brian Griffiths said...

I'm sorry, you lost me when you said the band was good.

What is disrespectful and spiteful is the fact that the Governor puts the success of his band at a higher level of importance than doing something for the people of Maryland. A band is not as important as putting Maryland's middle and working class families first, which is something that this Governor refuses to do, and something that his followers will let him get away with. disrespect. To the office, and to the people who pay his salary.