Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bealefeld Says Victims Won’t Cooperate…

According to The Baltimore Sun, Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld says the two shooting victims – suspected gang members – in the Harbor Place shooting refuse to cooperate with police. I have an idea: arrest them for obstruction of justice. Deny them government-funded healthcare. As soon as their asses are stable, kick them out of whatever healthcare facility they might go to. Harass them day and night. Three in the morning knocks on the door with a espantoons. Roust them. “Give them a humble”. Rock their world a little bit. Bring every family member in for questioning. Bring every friend in for questioning. Make them spend so much money on lawyers, the defense bar foots the cost of your retirement party.

Because these little bastards don’t deserve one ounce of respect at all. AT ALL.

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CNA said...

The gang members' behavior is typical for the world they live in. They are impervious to what most of us would describe as pressure. Gang life is far scarier than law enforcement. Just a fact.

Kevin Waterman said...

Is this really a road we want to go down?

Sure, we might be fine with this sort of state intimidation for not playing nice with the government - which is plainly what the suggestion is - when it advances a goal we like. But how long is it before that precedent starts getting applied to places we're less comfy with?

It's not like the DHS didn't release a memo suggesting free market advocates, anti-abortion activists, veterans, and others comprise a potential domestic terrorist threat.

Furthermore, while I'm no expert on the case, I wouldn't be surprised if fear of reprisal isn't a driving force in their hesitancy to speak. We all know how incompetent the MD government is. After the Cardin fiasco I think we can rightly be skeptics as to the Baltimore police department too. If you knew cooperating with the police would lead to gang reprisal, most likely fatal, would you trust them to protect you? I certainly wouldn't.

streiff said...

I just don't agree with this. Having the choice of pressing charges, "cooperating with the police" if you will, is a principle we inherited from English common law, like self defense and "a man's home is his castle."

It isn't like the Baltimore police are going to catch the shooters and cooperating with the police places them at increased risk of being killed when they are released from the hospital.

0s0-Pa said...

While this may be true CNA, I still would not want to be a cop dealing with these types of people, who have little to lose, especially when it comes to "dealing" with cops.
-Jack Maryland Criminal Lawyer