Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is just one of those moments where you just have to sit back and shake your head:

A state constitutional requirement that a gubernatorial candidate must be a registered voter in Maryland for five years could prevent Charles County Republican Central Committee Chairman Charles J. Lollar from seeking the state's highest office.....

....If Lollar opts to run for governor, he will have to prove his eligibility.

A candidate for governor or lieutenant governor "must have attained the age of thirty years, and must have been a resident and registered voter of the State for five years next immediately preceding his election," according to Article II, Section 5 of the Maryland Constitution.

OK, that's bad enough. But the story amazingly gets worse:

Lollar moved to Maryland from suburban Atlanta in October 2005 and submitted his voter registration application with his vehicle registration application shortly thereafter, he said.

However, a copy of his voter registration card on file at the Charles County Board of Elections obtained by the Maryland Independent shows he signed and dated his application on June 6, 2006. He maintained that the application was submitted right after he moved, but was not processed until the following June for unknown reasons.

It's almost like Republicans in our state are trying to find new and creative ways to embarrass themselves and the party these days....

Hopefully, Lollar will throw his hat into the Congressional race and not risk further dragging this story out for an even longer period of time. But I'm pretty curious to know why Lollar says he is going to be found eligible when the form he signed and dated appears to say otherwise.



Martin Watcher said...

Why not State Senate? I don't know a lot about Lollar's residence, but if it is in Mac Middleton's district, it could make things very interesting for the Chairman of Finance, who has a bit of a race problem.

hlolsen said...

For what it's worth, when I moved to Maryland in '98, I changed my voter registration at MVA. A week before the primary, when I hadn't gotten anything from the Board of Elections, I called. They claimed I hadn't registered. I asked to speak to a superviser, told her exactly when and where I had registered, and said I expected them to find my registration that day, or they'd be hearing from my lawyer. Two hours later, they called and said they had found it. I won't speculate as to whether my party registration had anything to do with my registration being lost. I don't know the particulars of Lollar's case, but I can say registrations have gotten "lost".

Greg Kline said...

I guess they found it eventually just some time after he recalled submitting it.

For Lollar's many fine points, and they are many, can't we get a candidate for Governor who actually lived in this state more than five years? Someone who has never held elected office (except the Charles county RSCC) and only been registered to vote arguably for five years in Maryland really the most qualified candidate our party can put forward to run this state?


Daniel said...

Well, here are the folks already "signed up" so far.

I say, have at it.