Sunday, July 19, 2009

Inside the MDGOP Exec Board Meeting

I received (and I'm sure others did as well) an anonymous email message from the email account "" regarding yesterday's Maryland Republican Party Executive Board meeting. Since this jives with a lot of the things that I have already heard about yesterday's meeting, I'll repost it here completely unadulterated.

On Saturday the Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution of no confidence in Chairman Pelura by a vote of 20-10.

However there is not any immediate impact of the resolution. Pelura told the meeting he had no intention in resigning.

Under the by-laws, only a full vote of the entire state Central Committee at a convention can remove the Chairman, and a two-thirds vote is required. Counties representing a potential weighted vote of about 50% at a convention opposed the resolution, including Anne Arundel, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Montgomery, Prince George's, St. Mary's, Wicomico and Worcester. The other counties and all the officers voted except Pelura for the resolution. Pelura did not vote.

The Committee rebuked candidate for Governor Mike Pappas on several occasions. Pappas was representing Baltimore County because Chris Cavey votes as First Vice Chair. First Pappas attempted to prevent Pelura from presiding at the meeting as Chairman. This effort was defeated. Later Pappas attempted to close off discussion, although Charles County Chairman Charles Lollar was attempting to be recognized. The Committee voted down the Pappas resolution and Lollar was given a chance to speak.

Repeated criticism was also directed at First Vice Chairman Chris Cavey for his press comments criticizing Pelura. Some members called on him to resign if Pelura remained as Chairman.


2 comments: said...

Wow! Someone in Lollar's camp has been busy. Why would you put "candidate for Governor Mike Pappas" and then go on to point out that he tried to keep Charles from speaking? Nice try at spinning!

I am guessing since Dave Parker was so vocal about supporting Jim and "one man - one vote" that the weight of the counties really don't matter. It was also surprising to see Wicomico, Cecil and Worcester on the list since their chairs all stated they agreed with Jim's removal - their proxies thought they knew better.
You also left out the Treasurer's Report where we were reminded of how poorly the fundraising is going and that if it doesn't change, we will close the doors in sixty to ninety days. Also the fact that JOHN KANE DID NOT LEAVE A DEBT. That is per the treasure, Mr. Dwyer and Mr. Redmond. So stop singin that song.

Thank you Mr. Dwyer for stating the case for Jim to leave - you said in your e-mail that if money got really bad, Jim would just dip into our large line of credit. Which we did to pay salaries this month. Dipping into credit is what we are attacking the Dems for.

At least you gave us a list of county chairmen to thank when we are inaffective next year because the state party in non-existent. Although they should have added a line in their leak about how 90% sure candidate for Governor Charles Lollar backed more fiscal irresponsibility by the State Party. I thought Jim had him out speaking in counties for fiscal responsibility.

Mike Netherland said...

Ah, "mdgoper." Another brave anonymous smear merchant, and a miserable failure at that.

I for one applaud the county chairs who opposed the resolution and urge those who voted in favor to resign their posts in much-deserved disgrace.

As for that all-important Treasurer's Report:
1. You be after Jim even if there was $10 million in the bank;
2. People will support the party financially a) when they can and b) when they sense that it won't be squandered by self-promoters for their own self-serving political adventures;

Instead of blaming Jim Pelura, why don't you direct your energies against those GOP "stalwarts" in the various State Chambers of Commerce who play both sides of the fence in order to make a quick buck rather than supporting conservative policies that would ensure long-term prosperity?