Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sad Irony

Does anyone else see the sad, cruel irony in the fact that the Obama girls new dog is a "water dog" given to them by Ted Kennedy??

It's almost as ironic as Martin O'Malley quoting (during his State-of-the-State speech) from a lady who was afraid of not being able to pay her electric bill. Now I'm sure he'll spin a defeat of his re-regulation legislation as an excuse not to really reign in such electric bills.

What other irony will Sine Die bring us?

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Fred said...

Has this site died? No comments? Those on the other side can't post REASONABLE responses? Are you afraid because now you need to actually sign in? Can't even use a pseudonym
other than "anonymous"?

Sine Die will bring no solution to the IA's getting DL's. O'Malley wins again. The ILLEGAL ALIEN lobby wins again. It WILL end up that WE, the LEGAL citizens of Maryland will have to pay more for our renewed DL's. Just to allow IA's to continue getting DL's.

As long as they can ALSO register to VOTE the fascists in this state like Vallario, Guiterez, Madaleno, Pena et al, will ENSURE their vote.

The corruption in this state is the norm, NOT the exception.

What is Currie doing after tomorrow? Facing the court system or continuing to sit as Chairman on the budget committee?