Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let the Fun Begin!

Long the subject of retirement rumor and speculation, Senator Janet Greenip (R-33) confirmed to the Annapolis Capital that she will be retiring not at the end of her current term but within the next few weeks.

For those not in the know, District 33 is one of the most Republican in the state and a legion of current and former elected officials, among others, have been maneuvering for Senator Greenip's seat if she were to retire (Some even if she did not.).

This announcement will send shockwaves through the Republican community in Anne Arundel county and make what would have been a wide open primary next year into a free for all before the Anne Arundel County Republican State Central Committee in the coming months.

Consider this. All three of the sitting Delegates from District 33 as well as two current members of the County Council want the job and would be able to make legitimate arguments for the appointment. Throw in former elected officials, like former Delegate David Boschert, and even Kendall Ehrlich, rumored to want the job, and the possibility of another opening created by the appointment and you have the recipe for political feeding frenzy the likes of which the Maryland GOP may have never seen.

This story will be riveting!

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Chester Peake said...

Well, stepping down now limits the feeding frenzy and wooing to the relatively obscure Central Committee, rather than have an all-out nasty fight before the voters. It also gives some time for the Unchosen Ones to kiss and make-up (we can hope), for a united election season where the new Senator will at least be an incumbent trying to hold onto the seat. We can also hope that the Republican chosen will be able to fill Janet's conservative shoes, yet hold their own against a Democrat challenger.

Heck, we don't need slots at the mall, we can just bet on which of the contenders will get the nod from the Cent Com.