Sunday, April 12, 2009


Our good friend Judd Legum is in complete denial about the anti-tax movement sweeping the country. Legum, who takes offense to the fact that somebody carried this sign around a tea party protest elsewhere, has this smart-ass comment:

Those involved with organizing the protests appear to be a distinct minority.
Mind you:
The fact of the matter is that Legum and the rest of the extreme left in this country do not understand the problems the Tea Party crowd has with them. Namely the fact that we alreay pay too much in taxes and that irresponsible spending that puts our nation further and further in debt is not supported by the preponderance of Americans.

If Legum wants to come out and support higher taxes, more staist government, and the continued dimunition of economic and personal liberty, he can own it all he wants. But Legum is in a considerably large state of denial if he thinks he is anything but far, far, FAR outside the modern American mainstream. Then again, that shouldn't be a surprise, given the low opinion that a lot of Democrats I have spoken with have for Legum....

I dare Legum to have a counter, anti-Tea Party protest on Wednesday. See how many people show up for that one, skippy.



Chester Peake said...

Oh, I'm sure some of the same old ACORN people will come and try to rain on our parade. I hope thay are vastly out-numbered.

2 things working against us:

*We have jobs so have to arrange to get the time off to come to the tea-party.

*We have jobs and actually pay taxes, so we have to do our 1040's if we haven't already.

They have nothing productive to do anyway, so they may as well be bussed in by the unions and other usual cast of characters.

Let's show 'em!

Phillip said...

it is not only paying too much.

It is the fact that too few Americans are paying for their government and therefore have a stake in the outcome.

Facts are that those who don't have a financial stake in their government, should not be voting for their government plain and simple.

The other side of the coin is that 'paying their fair share' is exactly that.. paying nothing or next to nothing is NOT fair.

Maybe if everyone had to pay their fair share, there would not be as much government as there is.

Daniel said...

How about a sign that says:

Bust A Nut.

And show a big hammer coming down onto an acorn.