Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stay Our Of Our Way, We're Busy Self Destructing

Just when I come out of my funk and start getting excited about 2010 and maybe 2012, the national GOP holds a secret meeting and comes up with an airtight plan to screw things up.

I'm not a fan of Michael Steele as the GOP Chair. I'm not a come-lately non-fan, I announced my doubts when he was running for office. And to be truthful, what has happened since he assumed office has made me even more certain that he is the wrong man at the wrong time. From his disastrous piling on during the Rush Limbaugh kerfluffle, to him seeming to agree on CNN's now-cancelled Hughley program that Republicans looked like Nazis, to his failure to retain the one guy at the RNC who understands technology and grassroots activism, to the blatant sweetheart proposal issued for the RNC website, to his juvenile "how you like me now?" gibe to a conservative bloggers gathering at CPAC, to his inability to select a chief of staff or political director for the RNC (the RNC is at least colorably a political party, isn't it) Michael Steele has demonstrated that he simply is not the man for the job when measured by political savvy, fund raising ability, or organizational skill.

Be that as it may, as my old man told me time and again, "ya dance with them what brung ya." Michael Steele is our Chairman and we have to work to un-**** the mess he seems to make daily.

But disarray isn't good enough for some. Disrepute and self-immolation seems to be the goal of someone. Political Wire reports that Steele will most likely face a no confidence vote after the March 31st special election to fill Kirsten Gillibrand's seat in NY-20. Unofficial word, and I have nothing more substantial than that, is that failed nominee Katon Dawson is a mover in this boneheaded scheme.

For those who don't know, Dawson's campaign foundered when it scored an own goal. Dawson allegedly at some point in his life belonged to a whites only club that wasn't the US Senate and was unable to effectively address the allegation. The whole thing seemed tenuous to me and I figure if a former Klan recruiter can be president pro tem of the Senate then let bygones be bygones.

We are already suffering from allegations of tokenism in our election of Michael Steele. Very unfairly, I might add, as the first choice of a lot -- but not enough -- of us was Ken Blackwell. The last thing we need right now is a palace coup pulled off by someone with Katon Dawson's baggage.


streiff said...


I vaporized your post for two reasons.

First, this is a blue on blue engagement and we're doing a bang up job without help from your side.

Second, I'm just tired of your constant flogging of the same story. For future reference just know that if you mention that story, your comment is not going to appear.

G. A. Harrison said...

streiff -
Personally, I prefer your old standby "be boring at your own risk" comment policy.

I've used it several times when giving talks to groups and advocating a written comment policy. For some reason, people don't want to post a simple comment policy, but when I tell them about your's they love it.

As for Steele -
He needs to go. I'm sorry, but he really does. The only reason we have a CoS at the RNC now is because he reacted to weeks and weeks of criticism. I don't expect him to wise up and stay off of TV and radio

Dawson is not an option. While I agree with your assessment, intellectually, you and I both know that we'll hear nothing but "racist" from now until 2012 if he's elected. Also, as a southerner I have a visceral problem with "exclusive" clubs.

I still think that either Blackwell or Anuzis would do well. In any event, Steele needs to go just as Jeff Frederick does in Virginia.