Thursday, March 26, 2009

State Song Update

John Miller of National Review gracsioulsy allowed me to post, on The Corner, an update on the attempt to change the lyrics of Maryland, My Maryland.

Welcome Corner readers.


Vic Bernson said...

Mark, thanks for the informative posting on National Review. After checking out your link regarding MD's dismal tax climate, I assume your point is that MD receives a relatively low % of its tax revenue from business because MD's corporate tax rates are so high that businesses choose not to locate in MD in the first place. Of course liberals likely would see the exact same statistic and reach an opposite conclusion: the relatively small tax revenue figure merely indicates that MD business taxes are too low and therefore must be raised. To defeat such nonsense, it would be helpful if you would provide additional data regarding MD's actual tax rates, and then help your readers by comparing and contrasting such rates to other jurisdictions. In the meantime, thanks for keeping the common sense, conservative torch burning (here in MD we may be reduced to just a few smoldering, occasionally-glowing embers, but we'll make a comeback - before too long I hope). Keep the faith.

Greg Kline said...

Well said, Mark. I hope it stays dead in committee. With more space you could have informed our NRO friends how this effort allegedly was begun by a plucky bunch of elementary school kids.

Zach said...

You didn't note that F Scott Key's grandson, F Key Howard was imprisoned at Fort McHenry after the riots. You can see the letter from John Dix (the fort's general) to the Secretary of War here - link.

I don't think it makes any sense to say that because the song references earlier struggles for freedom in America, it isn't a song that supported confederate interests at the time. Nor does it make sense that National Review would post your note approvingly after lauding Michelle Malkin's defense of interment - link

However, the song's a historical document; no one sings the verses anyway. This liberal doesn't really care either way, but you're leaving out the most interesting and ironic part if you don't talk about F. Key Howard!

Mark Newgent said...

Vic, Greg, Zach,

Thanks for the comments. I was only alotted a certain amount of space so I had to get the crux of the story in. I know there is lots more to the story and I touch on a lot of that at over at the History Examiner.