Friday, March 20, 2009

Sometimes Its Ok to Hate

Following up on the comments from Dr. Vatz's peice below...
Another great moment in Duke Hating history was Maryland's 2004 ACC Tourament Championship run when the sixth seeded Terps beat the #1 seeded Blue Devils 95-87 to cap off miracle weekend. I don't mean to come off as incredibly mean here, but I did take a little bit of schadenfreude at seeing the accompanying photo during ESPN's coverage of the championship game.


Bruce Godfrey said...

Every decent human has an affirmative obligation to hate Duke. It is not enough to dislike them, or to know and like someone who hates them. One must bear the duty of hatred personally and with conviction.

Someday that kid will get his morals fixed, and he will do his duty too.

Duke hoops fan said...

Bruce -

Come on, TOTUS wants us all to get along. Why do you hate us? We do after all offer employment to many who cannot see the light.