Friday, January 23, 2009

Well, that didn't take too long...

Mr. Obama wasted little time in throwing babies under the bus.

After a 24 hour stay on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade ("Roe" is now pro-life, ironically), he has now done away with Reagan's Mexico City Policy. This policy kept American taxpayers from funding foreign organizations that provide abortions. I guess now Planned Parenthood-like groups across the globe can feel free to raid our wallets to pay for their ghastly deeds.

One wonders why, in such tough economic times as now, we have any business giving any of our hard-earned money to any foreign group at all. It is especially heinous to fund these killers.

The restriction on funding these groups only seems to be active when there is a Republican in the White House.

Why are we supposed to obey the law and pay taxes again? When Ceaser wants you to render to him what is not his, but God's, one wonders.

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Daniel said...

Gee, I said the same thing on another blog somewhere.
(As a commenter.)
Not that I mind, I happen to agree - this needs to be said loud and strong so everyone gets a chance to understand the folly of such an action on BO's part.

Robin Bayne said...

It's only the beginning, I'm afraid.

Chester Peake said...

Great minds think alike?

The economy "might" neutralize some of BO's more socialistic plans (though I think he'll use it as an excuse to do more harm), but the social evils he can do with a stroke of a pen, that do not immediately cost money, are horrific.