Monday, January 26, 2009

Of Course He Is

I was wondering what happened to my old bĂȘte noire, former Baltimore Sun environmental “reporter” Tom Pelton. Turns out he is now the senior writer for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, natch!

I’m glad he found a new gig after taking the buyout. However, I would argue he was already working in that position when he was at the Sun. At least now he no longer has to feign the pose of an objective reporter.

After all, as 60 Minutes' Scott-skeptics-are-Holocaust-deniers-Pelley says balance is bias.

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Tom Pelton said...

Thanks for the plug, Mark!

If you want to keep reading my stuff (which I know you do) check out my new "Bay Daily" blog at

Happy blogging.

All the best,
Tom Pelton