Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moral Midgetry

“All the pieces matter”...Lester Freamon

Following up on Brian’s post below I offer the next exhibit in the case of our clueless governor. Here is what else O’Malley had to say about The Wire:

"My knock on 'The Wire' is that it's just so darn cynical about human nature," O'Malley told the midshipmen, who applauded his answer. "People are not
that hopeless. People are not that callous. People are not that selfish -- not
the Baltimore that I served for eight years."

Umm… no.

Here is what David Simon told Reason:

It's cynical about institutions, and about their capacity for serving the needs of the individual. But in its treatment of the actual characters, be they longshoremen or mid-level drug dealers or police detectives, I don't think it's cynical at all. I think there's a great deal of humanist affection.

The Wire is cynical about institutions like the Baltimore machine, which Carcetti , I mean O’Malley ran for eight years. Institutions, contrary to his spin, that have indeed failed the citizens of Baltimore, and now the rest of the state.

Just a hint Governor, you probably shouldn’t critique a show about which you have no clue.

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Gunpowder Chronicler said...


I would expand that to "Governor, you shouldn't comment on anything of which you don't have decent knowledge. Which means, basically, that you should confine your remarks to Irish Rock Music."